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  1. Lately, I have been having trouble finding happiness in life. Everything just seems to be going to shit , and nobody cares. The times I was happy was while hiking in nature, riding my Sportbike at insane speeds, and getting fucked up....

    What do you do, or convince yourself to keep at the fight, the fight for happiness?

    Or am I alone in this opinion?
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    A fight for happiness? A struggle to keep your head above the water? A battle within yourself?

    I know a bit about it. I'd say keep doing what you enjoy doing, keep walking on the path and if you take everything that comes your way with a playful, understanding and accepting attitude, you will make it on to greater things.

    Find the outlets that bring about alleviation from suffering. Find the activities you enjoy doing and keep doing them. Read books, go outside, talk to people, man the most simple things are the greatest.

    Even if you are seemingly swimming up shits creek without a paddle, trust me the universe is in order. What seems like everything going to shit is actually everything re-organizing itself and clearing the way for the great to come through.

    Try seeing with a new set of eyes man, works wonders.

    And most importantly, have faith in the way things are. Trust what is. :)
  3. Interesting advice... I will be sure to follow it.

    Thanks for your reply.:)
  4. Be loving to others and the love makes its way back to you.
  5. Good post man, I have no choice but to rep you for that, really inspiring
  6. Just be happy. Don't search for other things to make you happy.

    Sing a song while taking out the trash. Then you will be victorious.
  7. Yeah that was very inspiring :wave:
  8. that might be the most inspirational thing i have ever heard. i wish i could sig that. i might have to put that on my facebook so i dont forget it
  9. You have a good way of seeing things YEM. I like how u said the simple things can be the greatest things.
    I just had my daughters fourth birthday party today and it was awesome. It was very enjoying seeing her have such a good time.
    Man I tell you it is the small things and also those short moments that you have to enjoy the most.
    I try to keep good memories close to my everyday life because those memories are what makes me who I am today.
  10. woord good words laid down right here
  11. 1. Life means suffering.

    2. The origin of suffering is attachment.

    3. The cessation of suffering is attainable.

  12. I've always wanted to practice Buddhism. :D
  13. Thanks for the kind words everybody.
  14. Don't search for it, there is nothing to be attained, the things we chase and crave are illusions
    in the immortal words of Trooper:

    If you don't like
    What you got
    Why don't you change it
    If your world is all screwed up
    Rearrange it

    If you don't like what you see
    Why don't you fight it
    If you know there's something wrong
    Why don't you right it

    to summarize:

    If you are not content with your present situation, change it. There's no solace to be found in drugs

  15. I smoke weed, play WoW and Xbox and hang out with my friends. Those are the only times I'm happy. The rest of the time is spent wondering how I'm going to survive in this world in the longterm. I have no idea.

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