making you're weed smell fruity

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  1. I recently read this article of how to make your weed smell like what ever you want by adding extracts into the water of your hydro set up, any one ever tried this and had success? The method was to add the extract in 1 day before harvest any one tried this method our similar ones?
  2. The way to get fruity smelling weed is to grow a fruity smelling strain, no additives in the water/soil.
  3. Is there An artificial way to do it?

  4. Probly, but it wouldn't be natural... It's all in the care you give it and strain.
  5. One day before harvest isn't going to do Jack.
  6. You might as well buy those nasty tasty-puffs drops and put it in the finished product if you're going to try to artificially make your herb taste fruity.
  7. I would do everything everyone above said..and just get some good natural flavor for your never personally try...mine smells fruity enough

    but since you asked..i found this

    pick out your favorite flavor, fruits with a hard rind work the best. Take your fruit piece, and wash it Thoroughly. Using a cutting board, cut each fruit in half, and coop out all the insides. We are after the rinds. You'll want to end up with a good amount of rinds. Eyeballing here is key, experiment until you find the right amount of flavor for you. Its important NOT TO PEEL THE FRUIT. Juicing or spooning out the flesh leaves a layer of oils inside the skin that we want to keep.
    Preheat your oven to 300 degrees F. place all of your rinds on a cookie sheet, make sure the rinds are inside up on the sheet and bake them for about 6 to 7 minutes. Take them out and let them cool. Carefully cut all of the rinds into tiny strips. Take your cheesecloth and lay it out. Directly in the center, place all of your shredded fruit rinds. Bring the edges up together and tie it up. It should look like a bouquet or a balloon. The key here is to make a TIGHT ball. Take the flavor ball, and place it inside your mason jar full of marijuana. Don't let it actually touch the marijuana, instead fold a corner of the cheesecloth over the side and screw on the lid over it. This way the flavor ball hangs above the marijuana. Now, remember to check your jars and open them up everyday to refreshen the air. The longer the fruit is in the jar with the marijuana, the better the taste will become. I like to let my marijuana flavor cure for 60 days, replacing the fruit rinds in the flavor ball every 10 days.
  8. They sell sprays you can spray your stuff on before you smoke it. Variety of flavors. Go to a head shop youll find it or order online. I wouldnt though.
  9. Sounds like a great way to introduce mold to your harvest...

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