Making Your Own Pipe Screens

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  1. Hi, my name is Xizzi and I am new here.  The reason I joined is because I sell accessories (no I am not going to promote my products here  :hello: ),
    I have to add screens to my products and I looked in the forums here as there are people who want to make their own screens and I couldn't find any answers that I liked so let me explain why I ask  :smoke:
    I want to make my own pipe screens as I add 5 to every product box that I sell.  I know they sell them at the local head shop for 10 cents each - but that is 50 cents per box for me - 50 cents really adds up when you sell thousands of products.
    Plus I have repeat customers who want to buy just screen replacements and I would like to provide them for a reasonable cost.
    #1 - What type screen (sheets of some sort) would I need - and where would I purchase it?
    #2 - Might their be a puncher available - say to punch multiple screens out of this sheet at the same time?
    If you know anything about this - and have the answers I am looking for I would be forever in your debt  :laughing:
    Thank you  :wave:

  2. You would need a very fine metal mesh sheet. It would be super tedius cutting those unless you have some sort of press cutter
  3. do you know where I could purchase something like that - as well as some sort of press cutter  :smoking:
  4. metal or glass? glass one are called sea mines and you can probably get either in bulk for cheap
  5. Grrrr if only there was a website that you could ask it a question and it woupd spit out results!
  6. you can get 1000 on ebay for 15 bucks...around a penny each
  7. I could make a die that punches out 100 screens at once but I would want $10,000 to make the die from scratch.
    Do you have a 100 ton punch press handy? you can get a nice one for $30,000-$100,000.
  8. Yikes, I guess I don't want one - I just thought there might be one available for less than $10,000 - I'm very poor

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