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Making your own Cloning Solution - A how to guide

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by jcj77d, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Cut some willow branches off a willow tree (All willow species produce this natural rooting hormone), into 2" or 4" long pieces (enough pieces to fill a bowl).

    Put the willow cuttings into a big kettle (or pot) on the stove, fill with water (all cuttings should be covered by water). Turn on minimum heat setting, cover with a lid, and leave on low (but do not boil) for 2 hours. Then turn off heat and leave kettle covered for 12 hours.

    After the mixture has cooled for 12 hours, the water should be a dark brown. Strain out the water, and discard the branches. Pour the mixture into a container with a plastic top with holes pre-made, and just drop your cuttings in. Let the clones sit in the hormone for 12 to 24 hours (thus allowing the cuttings to fully absorb the rooting hormones), then plant into your medium.

    Use as much rooting hormone as you require, then discard the used portion. The unused hormone can be stored in the ice box for years.
  2. I'm going to give this DIY solution a shot, get back at you with the results.
  3. So I made this solution and applied it to a cutting of oregano a few days ago. So far nothing yet, but the cutting has yet to wilt. In the meantime I said f-it and bought some cloning powder from OSH.
  4. Has anyone had success with this DIY using cannabis? I'm strongly considering trying it out.
  5. Great tip.

    Question. would it work with dried willow cuttings?
  6. I have also heard coconut water contains rooting hormones.
  7. Won't cannabis root in plane water? The plant its self does produce the hormones nessecary to create a new root system.

    This is a quote from Cloning Marijuana - Marijuana Cloning Explained "To get started you will need: a clean razor blade, a water mister, a tray with a clear plastic lid, a planting medium, and perhaps a jar of rooting hormone. Clones can be effectively rooted using nothing more than water, however most growers choose to dip their freshly cut stem into either a rooting hormone or gel." :D

    Good thread though very useful to know that willow bark will help rooting. Could come in handy when I'm broke, I might not have to stick with just water. lol :wave:
  8. Hell I root Cannabis without any solution. load ffof soil with lite dose of microbes and seaweed and 20% perilite. Soak the soil with Solution of lemon juice 1/2 large , molassas 1tsp. and 1 gallon of water. recut baby submerged in same solution. place 2" of soil in bottom of plastic cup. place cutting in the soil. make sure its foliage is below the top of the cup. Put plastic wrap over top with a few breath holes. I get about 70% succsess with this so far..... blah blah blah I am stoned:smoking:

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