Making your lungs stronger???? Getting back into shape after being lazy for 10 years lol

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    Hey all
    I'm trying to get back into shape. I'm hoping there are a few of y'all smokers out there who got back into shape
    All my life I was in great shape. I usually played basketball a good 5 times a week and playing was effortless for me. When I had to go to a boot camp program, I breezed though the physical part, I ran circles around all the staff.
    Then I got off probation And started smoking weed.

    So here I am 10+ years later, I haven't really played ball since and I just started playing again on a team
    I still have my shot but I can't run.
    Just shooting around before the game and I am already out of breath.

    So I started running laps at the baseball field down the street and I am noticing a difference.
    The problem is, my lungs are weak. I am always out of breath and trying to catch my breath.
    I feel like if I could just breath, I could run
    If I could run, I could jump and rebound and shoot right and help my team in more ways

    So my problem, I feel right now is my breathing. How can I get my lungs stronger, quicker? i have 6 more games left and I really would like to help my team when the play offs come.

    I'm trying to push myself hard, but it seems like its hard to run when u can't catch ur breath.

    Does anyone have any ideas what other steps I can take while running to build myself back up? What did y'all do?
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  3. Something you may want to learn is diaphragm breathing! It will strengthen your breathing a lot!

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    I run with a mouth full of water while inhaling through my nose until my lungs are as full as they can get. It has helped with my lung capacity and I jus don't get short of breath as easy anymore. Its an old jail exercise
  5. This x1,000

    "Belly breathing" will allow more absorption of oxygen in your lungs. Look into it.

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  6. Correcting something that doesn't need to be corrected. In fact you use your diaphragm (not saying that your diaphragm is the only part that matters in the breathing process.) not your "belly".
  7. Breathe slower and deeper.  Inhale through your nose and blow slowly out of your mouth.
    Do deep, heavy breathing here and there and stretch your lungs out.
    Do 1 hour speed rope sessions, tell me that won't get your endurance up and I'll tell you you're doing it wrong and to give up.
  8. Dont even use your mouth to inhale or exhale, when I was big on fitness that helped me a lot
    The correct terminology is diaphragmatic breathing, more commonly known as belly breathing in yoga. Please try to be more observant.
  10. Honestly, look into juicing. It's an easy way to get bunches and bunches of vegetables, and fruit into one drink that tastes great. 
    If I were you I would do 50 push ups when I wake up, then run a few laps and repeat daily, adding 5 pushups.
    good luck
  11. Agreed with the other people about diaphragm breathing when I breathed my chest used to come out but I researched corrected my breathing so my belly comes out instead and has helped significantly when I do cardio.

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  12. I would go to your doctor and ask for an inhaler! I got one for one I was sick, and he said I could use it before I did athletics-it helps open your lungs and everything to help you breathe easier :)

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