Making Your Gf Fell In In Love With You Again, After 8 Years And Far From Her..

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  1. Im in a really bad moment, if you have the time to read this I would be very grateful.
    Ive been with this girl since we were in high school. Now were both adults and had a 8 year relationship.
    When she was a little girl, her aunt who lives in the USA and has the Greencard wrote a petition for my girl, her mom and her sisters to get the Greencard as well.
    Last year, she and her family finally got accepted and she had to go there. We promised that after she received her greencard, she would come back and get married so she can take me there as well.
    She delayed her flight for 2 weeks after their family, because she wanted to stay to celebrate our 8th Anniversary. The next day she took the plane.
    So, at first things were going good. We would talk by Skype and FB, we would watch Game of Thrones together and then talk.
    But after the first month, I had some problems with myself; I got really depressed for other things not related to our relationship. She also had some problems there; Her family received the Greencard but she didnt receive it yet. Instead she was asked to go to an appoiment at USCIS for her biometrics. Also, they started having problems with her aunt and her rules.
    In my "sad" state, I went jealous, controlling and insecure. I was like always asking her were she was and of course its boring to hear someone complain everyday about where you are and not believeng you.
    Im not like that, when she was here I was the chillest guy about her and her space... But being so far really wrecked my nerves.
    In addition, I acted like an idiot, not searching for a job or studying. She used to sent me some job oportunnities and ask me to go and try, but I would just said "meh" and dont give a fuck at all. We needed the money to get married and all the papers for what we planned but I acted like a fool.
    So 2 weeks ago, she told me that I havent done anything for her. And that I was really annoying, complaining every single time we spoke. She asked me for time, but I refused and tell her that I wanted to fix our things going slowly like we were just getting to know each other, and she say , yeah it seems like a good idea.
    But it didnt last for too much, I got a lot of complaints and she was like "please dont go so romantic, lets like we used to do, I really want to you to make me remember why I liked you so much. I love you but I cant stand you anymore, lets go slowly..."
    I tried but I failed, she would just talk to me like she doesnt care and 2 days ago she broke up with me via skype. She was crying, she told me that she didnt feel ready to get married, that she was under a lot of pressure not just from me but also by her family and the moment shes living right now. She also told me
    "I love you but you were supposed to get money , you havent done shit and you complain all the time, I dont have any more patience for you Im really sorry. I dont know If im going to regret tomorrow or in some days, but this is what I feel right now"
    She hasnt blocked me, I didnt talk to her at all that night and yesterday I didnt talk her at the very night, when I asked what happened to her appointment at INFOPASS. She told me "They told me that theyre going to give me the Greencard in a 30 days lapse. So I had to change my return ticket to peru (she was supposed to come today 18th) to an open date. So I have until January 2015 to return, but I havent decided when to do it.
    So after this I started talking about her plans, she told me that she was planning to study to become a nurse. I didnt answer but after some hourse I show her a picture of a sexy nurse as a response. She laughed and we started to talk , nothing romantic involved, just talking , fooling around.
    Now, Ive got a job, I started yesterday, and Im studying a short career.... She knows that but shes like "thats good for you". But she hasnt blocked me, and her FB profile still shows "engaged with *me*" (I dont care about fb to be honest, but I wouldnt like the idea of a lot of guys going behind her just because she went "single" as that happened before)
    I really miss her, and I know I fucked up things. Im trying to un do my mistakes now. But I dont really know if theres an opportunity to do it. I would just work and study and save money...
    I want to make her feel in love with me again, like I did in the past when we were in critical moments. I was planning to dissappear from fb and skype for a couple of days and send her a letter, acting as a unknown admirer (ofc she will know that is me) but I will do it as a game, starting to do things for her like some videos acting as another guy (i mean dressed like someone else) and make her laugh, all of this while im trying to get the money and studying. She fell in love with me this way, with romantic things in the past... I dont know if this is going to work this time.

  2. That's hard man. Hold your head up and find a local girl.
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    Give her space and work on you.  Both should bring her back if she still has feelings, which it sounds like she does.  You need to show drive and passion for life.
  4. Either way you should work and study, any girl that wants to grt married to you is going t want you to be doing those things.

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