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Making weed/THC pills?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hakennase, May 1, 2006.

  1. I've heard of people making "weed" pills before, and since it sounds convienent, I've decided to ask you guys about it. Something involving capsulating your own THC something? Can anyone shed light on this?
  2. i know pharmacies have marinol(thc pills) but i have no idea how someone like us could make it without lab equipment....would be nice if it was easy to make tho
  3. eat pure hash?
  4. Alright... time for the update. It's EASILY possible and although there is a way to do it easily, there's a better way which isn't much harder. Everybody who's interested check out

    The pills you make with small amounts of weed and that 3x pill kit fucks you up!
  5. you're probally able to make them with gel caps. just make a high THC "Gel" and put it in
  6. Amazing...who's tried this, how does it work? I'm too high to read the website itself so keep it real simple :)

  7. I believe it uses a series of specialized digestive enzymes to more easily permeate your stomache lining so you don't lose most of the THC when you eat it. I believe that loading hash into the pill is more effective medicinally speaking. But I've never tried it, I don't use marijuana for any physical ailments and you can't be prescribed cannabis for any psychological disorders, so yeh . . . besides, vaporizing seems to me to be the more enjoyable method of intake, but I haven't used a vaporizer either, so I'm sticking with my bubbler for now.
  8. I don't mean to sound like an ass, but I have a lot of experience with stuff like this. It IS my hobby... growing pot, smoking pot, doing anything I can with it... loading hash into a pill although it will "work" it is a bit uneffective and definetly NOT efficient. It's pretty good to use hash/kief for making the pills, but all in all it's definetly one of the best investment you'll make. You might never even want to smoke again because it's sooo much more efficient. You just have no idea how much you actually lose when you smoke.
  9. If you want secrecey and portability, just bake some small, dense brownies.
  10. Or in pill form in a fucking tylenol bottle in your glovebox!!! Kickass.

    So many options, mmmmmm
  11. Oh yeah... no shit. I mean... not tylenol, but a supplement bottle. You could never get busted. No smell, no paraphanelia, no stash, no evidence... pop it anytime anywhere. You get a lot more fucked up off a lot less for a lot longer. There really is no downside except for that if you enjoy the smoking experience... it's non-existent.
  12. No worries man. If I make an uninformed statement, just point it out respectfully and I'm cool, just don't assume I'm trying to be an ass, I just may not know. Good post, btw, you obviously have more experience with this form of cannabis intake than I do.

    I have to admit that most information I have regarding cannabis is book-smarts, not experience, so I don't mind if people respectfully refute my claims, as long as they can back it up with a more informed opinion based on research and/or experience.
  13. Except for the the fact that the come down after eating an edible is comparable to taking a double dose of sleeping pills... Being high for a longer amount of time will take a toll on the body, hence the sleepiness.
  14. Pills would take the fun out of smoking weed. I think 1/2 the fun of smoking is sitting there rolling it up, then blazing it.
  15. yeah i agree. rolling a joint or blunt is a little ritual..

    but than again, quite protable and discreet! :D
  16. I ordered the 3x kit 2 days ago or so. I'll let you guys know when it comes and get some pics and what not. I'm quite excited to make the first batch and run some tests with them.
  17. damn im thinking about it too, though i dont really understand it. what is all this shit that it comes with?

    - 135 grams Cannabrex
    Excipient Powder
    -20 grams Cannabrex 3X

    what is the shit that they make? does it enhance the high? or what? is there something i missed on the site? thanks.

    edit: i read the 4 step process on the site, and it looks sweet. PLEASE tell us how this works out for you.
  18. A while back there was a post about making pills using the empty gelcaps, and cooking the weed in something, then freezing it..the thawing it and putting it in the caps, the refreezing...I think, I'm trying to find it I don't know where the hell it is:confused: ...If anybody remembers this and can find it, post it...because it was fairly easy and I wouldn't mind trying that in July when I'm NTO$JHREIF NOT ON PROBATIONEDIE :mad: god damnit i hate probation
  19. Sorry to bring an old thread back but I am really interented in this idea. And if someone has had any experience with the website rilsted.

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