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Recipe Making weed tea

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Bannanamannn, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Set my stove to 165º cause i heard the tricombs burn at 175. I added about 3 tbs of butter, about .8 grams of high quality shit and 4 cups of water and let it simmer for about 40 minutes. Gonna try some tonight after work to see if it helps me sleep. Heres a pic of while im making it. [​IMG]

    Let me know what ya think!

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  2. I'm no expert when it comes to edibles but you're suppose to remove the weed from the butter with a cheese clothe/coffee filter not have it floating in the tea:sick::sick:
  3. Your right. That pic was taken while in the process of making it though lol, i filtered out the weed from the final product. [​IMG]

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  4. Well, that there is one way of doing it. Another way is to decarb the ganja first in a 240* oven for fourty minutes. Leave the bud whole when dealing with smaller amounts.

    When it's done, crush between two spoons into a fine powder, mix it with just enough coconut oil to make it soupy. Add lecithin, tspn per 3.5 grams for conversion (liquid works best with small doses as it mixes far easier).

    At this point you can:
    A) use it just like it is and get incredibly fucking high. Works best with smaller amounts of ganja like a gram or less.
    B) continue processing the oil (works best with larger amounts like several grams or more at a time).You freeze it, then 20 minutes at 220*F, freeze it, then 20 minutes at 220*F, use it.

    A is great for single dose edibles like your tea for example. I do hot coco because of the fats in the whole milk, it just works so well. B works best when you use larger amounts of ganja. I do an ounce to a QP at a time. Then I store it in jars and pop them in the freezer.

    The only difference between medicated oil you would use in edibles like brownies or cookies vs concentrated capsules is how concentrated it is. Add more oil and you use it in brownies, add just enough oil to make it soupy and your good good for medicated gel caps.

    It all comes down to the decarb. You do that correctly and everything else is easy money. As far as dosage goes, a quarter of a gram of decarbed ganja per dose is a great place to start and is more then enough for most users. More experienced users with a high tolerance might go as high as a half of a gram of decarbed ganja per dose.

    BrassNwood has this whole process down to a science and I pretty much stole the entire process from him. He uses a kick ass franken beast of a dry ice hash machine to really make some concentrated stuff. You should check out his posts as well as PsychdealicSam. Both of these guys have done so much for the cause, as have many others. This is the process that has made the best medicated edible oil out of everything I have tried.
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  5. Looks good now man what's it taste like?
  6. Taste decent. It leaves a butter film on your lips which i dont like, but its not a big deal. The actual taste is pretty much just a normal tea though. I only sipped it to tell the taste. Im gonna have a whole glass tonight and update how the high is. Only thing is i forgot to decarb it. Will that ruin it completely or will the thc still bind to the butter ?

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  7. Will thc still bind to the butter if i forgot to decarb it?

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  8. It should still bind to the butter man I think it would of been stronger with the decarb though bro, report back to us when you start to feel the effects and let us know how it goes:smoke:
  9. Decarbing activates the THCA into THC so when you eat it you get high. Ganja will naturally decarb / activate over time but it can take months to years for it to happen on its own depending on how dry and hot the climate is.

    The butter in your tea should work and bind to the THC and THCA but I feel it's gonna be weak. Get the decarb process down and you're golden. You'll be fucking amazed how good it works.

    Decarbing ganja stinks. It will make your whole house stink so if it's going to be an issue do it when no ones home. Properly decarbed ganja looks dark and almost burnt , It fucking stinks and its dry. Like crispy dry.
  10. Here's some before and after pics of my last half ounce run of canna caps.

    Here's the ganja prior to decarbing. Notice the lumber I pulled out and left in a pile. Also notice I left the bud chunky.

    Here is the same ganja after fourty minutes at 220*F. Looks strait fucking burnt. That's a proper decarb for ya. Yup it fucking stinks and my wife got on my ass a little this time lol!

    Here it is after it's been ground fine between two spoons and before adding coconut oil.

    Here it is after the coconut oil was added, then frozen, then 220*F for twenty minutes, then freeze again, then another 220*F for twenty minutes. It's thick and soupy.

    And here is the final product after being filled and frozen. I use a straw with a little suction bulb taped on the end. I also make a little tray from foil to hold the empty gel caps as I fill them. Two caps per single dose. I take four, my friends take 1 or 2, fucking tolerance...

    And there it is, quick and dirty....
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  11. Appreciate the hell out of your response man! Im gonna try some tomorrow night and let ya know how it goes. How long does the smell last when decarbing? Does the whole house smell or just the oven? And how long does the oven smell for? I can imagine its similar to hotboxing the oven haha

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  12. @Bannanamannn
    We're talking whole neighborhood stink depending on how much your roasting and how long it goes on for.
    I do all my canna works outside on the patio in an old toaster oven to limit how much the wife is gonna get on my ass but even that can have limits if the wind is right-wrong and the window is open.
    I'll spend hours making canna smells out there between the decarb and the oil processing. Batch after batch I'll spend the entire day at it so it's a good thing it's legal here and the neighbors are all long used to my little stink factory.
    Looks like about 30 grams of dry ice hash-kief about to be decarbed.
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  13. You are in for a treat if you haven't decarbed ganja in an oven before. I would describe the aroma as a dirty bum butt hole filled with burnt toast.

    If the windows are open and you use the exhaust fan above your stove it will clear your house in about four hours. The first hour is the worst. I actually burnt toast the other day and the smell is similar jokes aside.

    As long as the canna oil you made is stored in a mason jar it won't smell at all after the decarb. One thing about potency... GO FUCKING EASY THE FIRST TEST DOSE!!! You just don't know for sure how potent they are until you know for sure how potent they are. One thing that will eventually happen if you make enough edibles, you stop respecting them, eat to much, then you fuck yourself up and get horribly ill. /rant over lol!
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