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Making Weed Sweet?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AleR, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. If I added sugar to my weed would it be sweet? Or if I added lemon juice would it taste like lemons?
  2. If you put some buds in a bag of sugar and shook it up until the buds were coated. 
    Then lit it up in a bong (With complete knowing that you will have to clean your bong right after this smoking session). 
    I say try it, and tell us how it is. It wouldn't kill you. And may taste kinda nice. 
    Try putting sugar in the bong water. Or lemon drops. Or hot tea. Just not alcohol. 
  3. I put sugar in peanut butter and 3 tablespoons of AVB and baked it in the oven. It tasted great and got me more wasted than I've ever been from smoking.
  4. ight ill report back...
  5. Are you smoking it? How? 
    Also if your post actually was about cooking it... Then oops! Yes adding sugar would help taste if baked for sure. If you shook it up in a bag of sugar. 
  6. I'm smoking it in a glass spoon.
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    I bet it'd be pretty tasty to be honest. How was it? I live on the coast so sugar (and even salt most of the times) gets really really wet. And I'm usually too lazy to do those tricks to keep it from doing so because ants are also really bad in cold areas. Otherwise I'd try it too.
  8. DONT PUT SUGAR OR PEANUT BUTTER OR ANYTHING ON YOUR BUD!!! Inhaling sugar is horrible for your health, sugar is not meant to be inhaled. If you want your buds to be sweet, you need to either find a strain that tastes the way you like, or start growing so you can grow the strains that you like. Don't risk your health for a better taste.
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    Yeah sugar definitely sounds like something you don't wanna be inhaling fumes of lol. 
    EDIT: okay so I looked it up and realized that sugar is a really simple molecule and burns really clean so I don't see why it'd necessarily be bad for you although I could be wrong. Worst thing I could see happening is that it just forms a lot of harsh smoke so if that's the case don't do it again/often but I don't think it could possibly be worse for you than a cigarette. Also they sell something in smoke shops that makes your weed taste like different fruity flavors
  10. If you want more sweet flavor in your buds grow it organically. Choose a tasty strain to begin with and WOW.... My pineapple express smelled like candy, tasted like sweet fruit.
    The more I read here about people adulterating their buds with food coloring, sugar, various sprays, etc the happier I am that I don't have to buy pot from anybody. I hope that people aren't doing this shit for sale, but I know some of them are.
  11. I tried this with the sugar I really couldn't tell if it was sweet but it made my room smell worse after smoking.
  12. ive had an issue where i bought an o of mids for some brownies for a friend and had about a quater of the o left so i decided might as well smoke it XD(btw i bought the bud and made the edibles for my friends b day) any way of course mids dont always smoke the best but i found out that if you put a little lemon juice in your water or even use like a gatorade it can make a huge difference in taste and of course your not smoking the liquid its just like a sweet tasting filter.
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    <sup>You aren't supposed to smoke sugar.</sup>
  14. This is kind of irrelevant but I had smoked a joint of some weed last night that tasted just like bazooka gum
  15. Yay crystals in mah lungs.
  16. Don't forget the honey. The honey will always fuck you up.
    It's funny how honey ain't sweet like sugar.
  17. you could try some hookah tobbacos as they have nice flavors jsust drain some of the liqued there in onto your buds i do it ll the time or i also use a dropper with  liquid in it called (tasty puff) its not horribly outrageous but it works nice i put it on my cigs to mmm blueberry i even put a couple drops in my humidifier a couple times ad made my room smell prety good cheers mate !!! :hello:  :bongin:

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