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Making tincture with shine?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by virgingrow, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Was wondering if anyone out ther had a nice recipe for making tincture with moonshine! Or is it the same as using everclear (recipe wise)!!!!
  2. Exactly the same, just more flammable
  3. Same, it strips glandular material fast (if the proof is high enough, of course... do you know your alcohol content?) but takes a bit longer than oil to become bioavailable. Don't forget to decarb or activate your herb, first!
    That's probably the most crucial step, if you want a functional tincture in the foreseeable future. Check the stickies for decarbing advice. You have heated, heatless and cold extractions, although the cold extraction method has been all but entirely disproved as far as speed goes...

    There used to be rumors on and off the net that a frozen alcohol based tincture or 'Dragon' could be created faster than a heated, but now there are more threads, complaints and reports suggesting failure, than there are suggesting success (google 'cold green dragon' and you'll see just what I mean)!
    It will still work eventually, it just requires a bit more waiting. Even a good heated dragon is usually best after a week or two of sitting. Patience is a virtue. :)

  4. If you don't have that as a virtue, you can check my thread about a fast(days) GD using the frozen method. I have testimonials from current GC members so please keep an open mind. We all have our own opinions. :D

  5. Thanx for the feedback was goin warm extraction and wasn't sure if the shine would need more or less steps as apposed to everclear or 151 as most people seem to use. This will be the first try for me tincture wise!
  6. Also what would be the most potent extract? Hot warm or cold?

  7. You're asking a loaded question there. You're going to get claims and counterclaims, people saying one way is best and others saying nay, do this instead. As noted in this thread for example, you've already got people saying a particular method is a failure and others saying it works great. There's no winning. Whichever way you choose, potency can ultimately be controlled by alcohol reduction no matter which method you use.

    I suggest that you just do a little research as you already have. It may take some googling before you find something that you're comfortable trying. Once you've found it, go for it. I would think that your first step would be to determine how much alcohol is present, best guess estimate maybe, and then you'd have a better idea. I imagine that's not going to be possible, though, without a lab. Just don't use a lot of weed for your first batch, so that if whichever method you choose doesn't meet your needs, you won't be out a lot of reefer.
  8. For sure thanks for the advice, I actually saw your thread in my google search and I can honestly saw I read about2/3 it was alot and my iPod taxes the eyes...... Butt I'll take another gander really appreciate the help and I'll let ya know how it comes out!

  9. It is a lot of words with no pics yet. Whichever method you try, let us know.
  10. Gonna keep it simple for first try with the warm extract how long would you recommend 30-45 days is what the " recipe " says but that seems excessive to me anyway. Also having trouble locating a glass bho extractor, I know a little off topic but any suggestions.

  11. I'm afraid I have no clue about the warm extract because I never had the patience to wait that long. If patience is a virtue, then that's one virtue I'm lacking when it comes to this stuff. Instant, or as close as possible, gratification often rules the day.

    There is a section here in GC called "Toking Tools" that may help with that extractor question.
  12. Cool do have the patience...lol but I will try the other this weekend for I hate the taste of booze and frankly need somethin to do with the shine:)

    Thanx for all the help +rep when I get my ass to a computer!! And I'll for sure put up the results!

  13. Rep's not necessary but thanks. I don't like the taste of booze, either, which is why I turn my Dragon into other things.:D

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