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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Litew8stoner, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Im pretty baked and thought of a few fun idea's for spreading the word of weed and why it's illegality is stupid.

    How about stoners start saving a huge ass amount of seeds from mids or schwag they buy and get them all together and plant them in a whole bunch of public places. Like a nationwide thing. "Seed month" or something similar. To prove it's a plant that has the right to grow wherever and planted by whoever.

    Probaly pretty stupid, but I thought it would be funny to see the government's reaction if weed was everywhere.
  2. yeah I thought about doing something like that, but that might backfire into having more arrests near that "seed month"
  3. lol, yeh, some people have already done that. In the book, "Spliffs" (1 or 2 I can't remember) they show a cop holding up a small marijuana plant that was planted in the gardens of a local courthouse. Though no one took responsability, it was taken as an act of protest.

    I'd say it's a pretty clear message, ESPECIALLY if everyone did it.

    Despite this, however, I believe that marijuana will never become a big issue for the 90 percent of people who have tried it because most of them are not enthusiasts of the plant, OR they are too scared to come out (very much like the homosexual subculture), OR they simply don't care because they get their weed regularly and have never been harrassed by the cops.

    Reeferman, of Reeferman seeds, is said to have claimed that while he despises prohibition, he cannot deny the fact that he makes a good deal of money and thusly, doesn't worry so much about activism because of HIS good fortune.

    I have to say I don't blame him. IF i could grow weed in my house, smoke it and have no trouble from the cops, I probably wouldn't do much for activism either. In fact, I don't do much for activism because I have my own life. This is a sad state, however, as my voice is silenced due to my own commercial ventures. Thus commercialism, and, vis a vi, capitalism have squandered out many voices on various topics due to the creation of very individualized interests, which divide activism. Activism becomes weakened on both the group and individual scale due to this. Groups become entangled in other affairs, or disagree on certain points regarding the issue that they stand for, and thusly, disband or simply can't get together enough to create a substantial enough voice to be heard (NORML may fall into this flaw imo).

    On the individual level, people are too concerned with their own affairs. Only people who are so enamored with the plant, or have nothing to do, or both, will actually act in a form of activism. This is sad in a way, but true. I saw it first hand when I gave my own speech concerning cannabis to other people. They all agreed, but I realized that they, like me, would do nothing.

    "What chance does Gotham have when the good people do nothing?"-Katie Holmes in Batman Begins
  4. Thats a sweet idea. If a big orginzation like NORML were to help set it up, I bet the news would make it mainstream. I would defiently plant some seeds for the cause :smoke:

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