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  1. Hello all, first time posting, long time reader.

    I am making shatter for some time, with closed loop extraction sistem extractor "purge lab two 006" with tube that fits 1kg, I use gas bottle 11.9l I use butane collibri finest, two vacuum ovens, one 1400 one 1600wats.

    I purge it for 72-100+ hours, depending of reaction and waiting for all butane to go out, which in my case depends on how much butane I got out with recovery pump, lose 1 liter per extraction. My shatter is very good for smoking, has nice flavour and it hits hard, but The problem for me is that I dont get good colour.

    I use outdoor material, rarely fresh, but it is good material, almost the best i can find arround. I try to dry it most i can, and put it in deep freeze before i put it in extractor. What can I try more to get better colour? I will post pictures as i try new techics. Every extraction i try different thing with diferent material, untill i find best match.

    Here is yesterday result, material without drying and dehidratitation. Percentage that i got from this sort was around 15℅. In the morning i will make new extraction with new material, dried and dehidrated.[​IMG]

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