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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by doxowner, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I'm in the process of my first grow. If I get a spare male and a spare female, I want to pull them aside and let the male pollinate the female.

    About how long after flowering does it take to make seeds? Do seeds appear quicker than buds?
  2. Save the best smelling/stinkiest male with quick floral cluster development. Yes if you want to seed only one female pull the feamle aside with the pollen releasing male and shake the male pollen all over her. If you can save the male pollen for later crosses and back crosses. It should take roughly 5-6 weeks for the seeds to develope to maturity. GooD Luck
  3. Very cool. Having back up seeds will be great. :)
  4. The seeds will be in the buds, so they won't appear before or after the buds. In effect, they are part of the buds.

    You mention the idea of a "spare female" -- what's that? Never had a female I considered "spare." [​IMG]

    Rather than letting the male pollinate one female completely and not the others at all, I suggest harvesting the pollen and then hand-pollinating select buds on each female. Even if they are the same strain you could have different phenotypes, so you could get different crops of seeds from the different females. If you pollinate just a couple of buds per plant you will get your seeds and still have plenty of seedless bud to enjoy from each and every girl.
  5. this is the best advise. collect the pollen and turn off all fans and go in with a little paint brush and select pollinate a few bud sites

  6. Toasty buddy you should of seen me back in college and you'll understand what a spare female was to me then... ;)

    But sound advice... and also do not just harvest the male pollen but I would also store some for a future use (read that it maintains in a freezer environment).

    I do wish I would run into spare females in my grow habits since when I grow from seeds I seem very lucky in growing MALE. :eek:
  7. Thanks, everybody. I appreciate the advice.

    Yeah, who am I fooling...there's no such thing as a spare female! ;)

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