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Making QWISO with bud, not stems or trimmings

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GlassNGrass, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Ive read nearly 4 pages worth of the search results and find differing opinions on QWISO. Some people say only QWISO with stems and trimmings, not the bud itself, but I have also read those that have used 7 or 14 or even a full 28 g of bud to make QWISO. I'm making it for my first time and was going to use 7-14g of mids, and didn't know if it's even worth it then.... For those of you who use straight up bud how much do you usually shake up in the mason jar? I have about 2g's of kief as well just saved up over the months from my grinders but wanted to explore the land of the hash and see how great the high is from QWISO, just a bit curious but am having doubts as to whether or not even bother giving it the effort.

    Thanks blades
  2. I forgot as well, from those who used bud and not the trimmings, some also used fresh bud (not dried bud which is all I have access too). Hopefully fresh bud isn't a necessity.
  3. The reason people say to only qwiso the leaves and stems is because qwiso wastes bud. You would get much more out of your bud smoking it then you would by making it into hash. Just because the making of hash does destroy some of the thc and you can't extract all the hash. If you just have bud to waste i would make some cold water hash and then make some qwiso. But if you need to conserve don't make hash just smoke it.

    And save your kief. You can top bowls of mids with it or whatever.
  4. I'm definitely saving the kief. In a way I do have some bud to "waste" as I am to damn curious about QWISO. just wanted to make sure that the actual buds itself were alright to use instead of trimmings.
  5. Using good starting material will produce a better finished product. So buds will do fine. I'd fill the jar nearly halfway with bud, enough wiggle room to knock off trichs, and then just cover the bud with just enough ISO. You'll also yield a lot more using bud as well. Consider freezing your bud before hand too.

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