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Making pot brownies.

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by fantastik4our, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. sup everyone, im making some brownies for a friend but i was told not to make them too strong. i plan on using this guide here:

    Pot Brownies

    do i simply just use less ganj to make them less potent? thanks :smoking:
  2. That might the worst guide i have ever seen.

    He hits the nail on the head about straining but vaguely goes into any other crucial key parts.

    You really never need more then an OZ of any quality weed to make brownies.

    Quality truly doesnt matter in my opinion in edibles.
    -If your planning on making brownies well, use an Ounce of Regs or mids..I felt there was no point in using high grade stuff because mids are cheaper and they 'hit' every brownie (because of an OZ) in the batch.

    He doesnt go over anything in particular about making the oil he speaks so highly of. When making oil ALWAYS use a low flame and cook for about 1 hr.

    Just use the "search" button next time on GC.
  3. Just make Cannabutter first - oil is not as fat soluable as butter, and thus the THC won't bond as well as it will with butter. As for using 5 grams of good bud, what a fucking waste. While quality of the bud WILL show up in the edible, the difference won't be anywhere near as wide as it is when smoking.

    there's a REASON why you should use shake or trim...or Vapor poo for that matter, it's all cheap and not really that smokable.
  4. Not trying to hijack your thread but is a half ounce of stems and trimmings good to make brownies?
  5. I followed this exact recipe and I only used 4g.
    I worked really well, I could get 16 hits out of this.
    Maybe I got lucky, I know this recipe don't go into specific details.
    Good Luck!

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