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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by t0ker33fa, May 21, 2010.

  1. yeah making photoshop signatures for anyone who wants one. for example of one look at my sig, and tell me what you want done on it, ill try my best to make it to your liking.
  2. heres your pic wookie ;)

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  3. can you do something with my name and biggie smalls, eminem, and lil wayne. thank you very much
  4. yeah ill get on it man, and np.
  5. here you go man, if you want any adjustments just give me a holler.

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  6. damn haha my fault
  7. wait no stop. thats fucking hot
  8. thanks soooooooo much. i love you. no homo
  9. yea man basically all smoke sig and my name(transparent) in the middle with this pic in the name, u get me or no??

    i appreciate the skills bro

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  10. lol aight man, if you ever wanna change it just come back to the thread or go to my profile
  11. ight thanks again.

  12. so like want you name in smoke on the bud?
  13. more like my name in transparent wit the bud showing through the name, so when u look at my name u see the bud in the letters, and smoke surrounding the whole sig....yea??

  14. whats goin on man do you mind if i go ahead and try to make BUDS4U2NV's sig? lol i saw his idea of what he wanted an i havent used photoshop in a while an it sounded like somethin i wanted to try. if you dont mind ill just post it here. :smoke:

  15. yeah i getchya i might be able to pull it off man.

  16. yeah you can go for it man.

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