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Making own Stash box?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChaliTuna, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Awhile ago on GC i found a thread on how to make a stash box out of a cigar humidor/box and how to add fabric on to it and make it look more spiffy, i can't find that thread anymore so if anybody knows what i'm talking about and can link me to it, i'd be forever grateful.

    But i'm making a stash box for my girlfriend for her birthday since at the moment she just uses a shoe box and shoves it under her bed.

    I was thinking of taking a cigar humidor and adding some kind of wood into it to make dividing sections so she has slots to put different things and adding fabric to it.

    I was wondering what supplies might be the most suitable for this idea? Will a cigar humidor keep the smell out? I want to make this smell proof and special for my girlfriend, so any advice is welcome
  2. Just get a pollen box, much more functional.
  3. How is a pollen box more functional? I'm not trying to sift marijuana for kief, that's what a grinder is's a stash box, for a pipe, marijuana, papers, grinder, cigarettes, a joint roller, and other paraphernalia my girlfriend chooses to put in it.
  4. Get a fanny pack

    Inexpensive, hip, hard to misplace
  5. so you want a rolling tray pretty much, just one you can keep your bits n bobs in, well i used 2 use the top of a biscuit tin - but that sucked (dog hairs n shit) then i used a shoe box for a short while (sucks worse than the tin lid) - then i moved onto an actually dinner tray (good to roll up on, not good to keep your grinder n other shit on) - now i actually use an armani box i got some aftershave and shower gel in, its perfect for me, nice and deep so my grinder etc doesnt slide off and my tray joint(s) dont get lost in the wind and its got a lid so no dog hairs, ash n shit can get in there, i've pretty much filled it to capacity though with 2 grinders, skins, craft knives, blunt wraps n just general shit for blazing
  6. [​IMG]
    a cigar box
  7. I got you dude if you're still interested.
  8. mine looks like this.



    it contains 3 lighters,an ashtray, a soft bag (used to transport a peice away from the box) a wooden airtight mini "stash" box, a small surgical kit with scissors and a bowl pick, a scale, and my personal and party time peices.

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  9. thank you, so so much.

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