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Making opium is ... SO EASY.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xlikelocusts, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. I cant explain exactly how to make opium as its against forum rules, but basically if you can grow a flower, you can get opium. For me opiates/pills like vicodin,percs are very hard to come by. How does opium compare? And how much would you pay for a gram of real quality opium?
  2. Not sure about opium prices but why not post some pics? I'm interested.
  3. It takes A LOT of poppies to make opium, I hope you have a big flower garden...
  4. i live in a small town in minnesota and i can find opium for like $30 a gram. the opiates in opium are codiene and morphine
  5. How many is a lot? I have acres upon acres of land.
  6. Acres and acres would do it, pray the police don't do fly-overs in your area, there's a reason you don't see big drug fields alongside the road...
  7. you don't need a field of poppies to make some opium for personal use. im not sure how many pods/plants you need, but it's not a crazzzy amount.
  8. Takes about 2-3 pods to yeild about a dose of opium from lanced pods
  9. bigorange, lets say I wanted to obtain at least 10 grams of opium. Roughly, how many plants would I need?
  10. just make 301;)
  11. lol making opium takes a little more than just growing the poppies and getting their insides

    but the raw materials will get u fucked fo' sho'
  12. Yeah I know it does, but Ive cultivated mushrooms and synthesized DMT before, so it couldnt be that much harder. Im actually pretty sure its a lot easier, so Im not worried about a few extra steps.
  13. If you've synthesized DMT you can probably handle making opium, it's simpler chemistry (if you made synthetic DMT for sure, I'm less knowledgeable on synthesizing DMT from plant sources). I'm not sure but I think for 10g you'd need about 100-150 of the correct variety of pods, maybe a little more.
  14. Depends on the strain of poppy.. A rough estimate would be .3 to .5 from each pod, so thats like 20 or so pods to make 10 grams

    Poppies are incredibly easy to grow, more so than cannabis.. Basically you just throw out poppy seed on some tilled soil in fall or spring and a shit load of poppies will start coming up

    Im not going to tell you how to collect the opium, hopefully you can figure it out on your own.

    Keep in mind, if you do collect the opium, this will be raw opium, and it's not so great for smoking, further purification is necessary for a good smoke

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