Making one main cola per plant?

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    I want to grow a bunch of one cola plants, like auto flower strains. I figured if I kept the light really close during veg and flower them when they get their 4th node then I could come out with 18in plants with one big main cola per plant. Is this a reasonable idea?

    I'll be growing white widow, an indica "couch lock", and juicy fruit if the strains make a difference.

    Also, can you use LST with hydroponic systems?
  2. Look up the sea of green growing (SOG)

    Thats your idea.
  3. Flip them right away or veg for maybe 3-5 days. It also still depends on the strain Here I'm growing Diesel and the plants were flipped as soon as I planted them. They had no time to produce side branches so most of the flower growth in on the main stock.

    One thing though is that you'll have to usually double up on the amount of plants you need as each plants won't produce as much flower weight.

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