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making oil question PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by danielddd1, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. hi i want to make oil out of some shake i got,i dont want to use vodka or everclear(too expensive)

    i went to the drug store and got some rubbing alcohol, on the ingredients it says
    -medical ingredients-ethanol anhydrous 95% v/v

    could you tell me if this is safe to use for oil making
  2. no get iso
  3. thnx for the quick response
  4. Nah that won't work the best, acetone works great in hash oil, butane gasoline is another great one. You can use 90% rubbing alcohol, but it doesn't work as well imo as the first two.
  5. ohhh ho hooo...realllllyyy

    ive really never heard of this but it intrigues me now that u mention it because i do believe i saw some 100% acetone nail polish remover somewhere...where tho:rolleyes::confused:
  6. I usually use 99% iso, but 95% should still work. Ethanol is grain it'll work.

    If you're iffy, evap a little bit in a glass dish and check out the residue. There should be very little if any visible.
  7. Rubbing alcohol is isopropanol, ethanol is something different. Either will work though. Last time I made oil I used isopropanol 95% and it turned out fine, just took a while for the extra water to evaporate off.

    Like they said you can also use acetone or you can make honey oil with butane (make sure you get a good brand with no additives). I made some honey oil a little while ago too and it came out better than the iso oil I made.

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