Making new FRIENDS

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  1. Hey all...I was wondering how everyone makes new friends? Like where you met them, how you became friends, etc..

    I want to make new friends, both guys and girls, just people I can chill with and talk to and what not. Not looking for sluts or anything like that, just to make new friendships...I work in a small warehouse with all older dudes, I don't go to school (although I was thinking about taking a class or two at the local community college just to meet people), and when I go out, it's usually to the bar...I usually end up talking to new people, but has never lead to an actual what are your tips?
  2. Be nice and polite, be extroverted....go to places where you think you'd like to meet with those kinds of people

    people who enjoy parks, jogging, cycling will yield a more friendly relationship,

    get a dog , people love dogs

    SMILE !!!,

    Church socials are a good start
  3. Meeting new friends is hard for me im rlly shy .. But so far it is normal no1 talks even if i try. To tlk lol .. So i give up how do ya make friends
  4. ^ i feel you. When its meant to happen it will. Optimism is key.
  5. Yah it just kinda sux cuz im always aalone

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