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  1. I have seen recipes for Super Soil and others but what about soil made from my own compost pile?
    I mixed my home made compost with my home made worm castings, some perlite and some peat moss and that was my mix for my peppers last season and all I fed them were compost/worm AACT and once and a while some Earth Juice Grow. What do you think about this mix for Cannabis?
    I have never tried it but wondered what you all thought? Add some more nutrients maybe to the mix?
    I am growing in those 17 gallon plastic totes with the rope handles at the top with some drain holes in the bottom (obviously). Any input would be appreciated.
    I have grown two other seasons so I am not a rookie but definitely no expert by any means.

  2. howdy honey!
    I'll get some people telling me im wrong but what does a horticulture course teach you these days anyway, right! haha...
    your mix sounds fantastic. It sounds both sufficient and complete. Just remember how strong the worm castings are though, in terms of nutrients, so mix some soil up in that hood and you've got it goin onnnnn! owwww!  :D
  3. You sound like you are on the correct path. I would add more to the soil and make it as diverse as possible. Othe amendments that are good are kelp meal, neem meal, alfalfa meal, feather meal, crab meal, bond meal, blood Neal, rock dust, and composted chicken manure. Mix them with the rest of the soil you have and you will have to just water. An occasional Earth Juice feeding would be a good boost and would be completely organic. This is pretty much the way I build my soil. It turned out to produce great buds last grow.
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    Thanks KI. Yeah I am looking at the Espoma dry nutrients as an additive my friend. I read a good soil mix article on here by a 'InTheGarden' that mentioned Espoma Tomato Tone and Kelp. They have a full line pretty much and the prices are not bad.
  5. You read a good thread...and excellent advice above as well...kelp and rock dust are vital...I also use some guanos(nitro seabird & archipelago bat) but that's not necessary...maybe oyster shell flower or lime to buffer ph a bit too...up to you
  6. Thanks mendo. I could get anything I want as there is a very well stocked hydro store a few miles away. I just can't justify spending that kind of money though when I am not a seller of the crop really. :)
  7. Stay away from the hydro shop...find a nursery they should have what you need.  Little box of alfalfa or kelp is $5...none of these amendments are expensive.
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    I was surprised at the price of kelp. A 3.5 lb. bag of Espoma at Home Depot is $21.97. Wow!
  9. Damn!!  I get 5lb kelp for $14 but they sell the 2lb Dr Earth for $7...there has to be a nursery around that you can get it cheaper...
  10. I'll look around but there are not many nurseries around anymore and the biggest one closest to me has some of the highest prices I have ever seen.
  11. Jeez...might make since to go online then...if you're using 17gal(I use smart pots 20-65gal)...ur gonna have to buy more than 2lb kelp it's a big part of my/most mixes.  What part of the bay maybe I can help...I'm way north but maybe...
  12. I am in the Hayward/Union City/Fremont area.
  13. shit might have to head out to the sticks for a better deal...couple nursery's around but the websites suck...
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    You can source Composted chicken manure at Home Depot or Lowes.. Perlite in the giant bag 2 CF for 16 bucks from HD as well..
    Try a pet feed store for 20 lbs of rabbit pellets of Alfalfa for about 20 bucks..
    For good compost Ecoscraps from HD is fair priced and good quality stuff.. Not all the stores have it use the Online product search to find it.. Also listed as White Compost.. Just some of the local stuff you can find in Calif..
    Stuff like your rock dust you can find at

    This is a new thread with really great lists of most anything your looking for..
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    Thanks BrassNwood. I make my own compost and have quite a bit its just the other things that I need to get. We have a good feed store nearby that has alfalfa pellets and I would have to see what else they carry.
  16. Look for a farm and feed store. I can get 50# of Acadian Seaplants Kelp Meal for about 60 bucks here in Portland, OR. Kelp meal is used a lot in the horse business as a feed supplement. You're going to pay more at nurseries and "hydro" stores because of the smaller packages.
  17. Great place to source nutrients. I had them deliver to my house last year. UPS wasn't happy delivering 40lb boxes of amendments. I plan to make the trip up there this year. Neem and crab meal not only provide nutrients they also have anti pest caracteristics and fight mites and other pest along with slowing the burn off of nitrogen. They are a must have for outdoor. Neem meal contains neem and crab meal has citron. I thing shrimp meal may contain citron also.
  18. Dr earth is good stuff too. If you have an Oshard hardware supply they carry Dr Earth products. Lowes and Home Depot lack anything organic for the most part. Hydro store sell minimal at high mark ups. Another source would be a nursery beside the store in grass valley. You can get alfalfa at feed stores. I get it with mollassas and break it up as I mix it in.

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