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Making my November 2 list in Michigan

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by peanutbutter, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. On November 2 there is one person that must not get elected.


    This is a low turnout mid term election. That means that just a few votes can change the outcome of the election.

    In Michigan we are electing the next Attorney General that day.

    One of the people that are running for that office ran the opposition in 2008 against our medical marijuana law. He is pissed off at the marijuana people and will do every bit of damage to us that he can.

    No matter who else you vote for. No matter who else is running for government. This man MUST NOT get elected to office. It would be our worst nightmare come true. Michigan would return to a dark age of terror.

    There is one person that is in a place at this moment that could win the election that would likely help us.

    You can remember it this way:
    Schutte wants to shoot you.
    Leyton wants to help you.

    Of the two, we want Leyton there.

    This is an election to elect the highest ranking law enforcement officer in Michigan. We can't give Schutte a gun to shoot us with. He is a foaming at the mouth anti marijuana person. We can't let him into office.

    To stop him we must get Leyton into office. Period.

    Actions speak louder than words. We have a track record for both of them. So we know what to expect from them both.

    We can expect hell on earth if Schutte is allowed to shoot us.
    We can expect a hands off police method if Leyton is in.

    I'm making my list and I ask you to do the same. I'm going through my cell phone and writing down the names and phone numbers of all of my like minded friends.

    I'm calling each person during the next couple of weeks and asking them to do the same. I'll ask each of them to make their own list to call. Then on election day, I'll call them again. To remind them to call their list and go out to vote.

    Call all of your like minded friends. Tell them to make a list. Then call them again on November second.

    Vote for David Leyton.
  2. Sounds like a Plan & a Winner to me ,,,

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