MAKING MY GROW ROOM JOURNAL (Any advice is welcomed)

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  1. Hi, I joined GC not too long ago and I have read many threads that have informed me more and more about growing, also many of you's have replied to my questions I thank you very much for your help. I am now putting up a journal of me building my grow room, which will be located in my closet, any advice would really help me, I am not exactly familiar with the whole growing process and I want to try and avoid most mistakes.

    60 inch lenght, 22 inch width, 96 inch
    The closet has been painted a relfective white.

    - Lights: 400 Watts HPS / MH
    - Ballast: Digital 400 Watts Ballast
    - Reflector: Air Cooled Reflector
    - Timer: 24 Hours Timer
    - Pulleys: Flexi-Adjust Reflector Hangers
    - Fan: Has not been found yet
    - Power Bar: Has not been found yet
    - Seeds: Green House Seeds Co. TRAIN WRECK
    Carbon Filter: 4"x12" Activated Carbon Filter Hydro Odor Scrubber
    - Thermometer: Has not been found yet
    - Pots: Has not been found yet (But this should be pretty easy to get lol)
    - Soil: Has not been found yet (Not really sure with which to get)
    - PH Tester: Has not been found yet
    - Nutrients: Has not been found yet (Not sure what my NPK should be)

    *If there is anything missing on my check list please tell me I will be sure to update it, also anything that is labeled "Has not been found yet" if you have any suggestion they would be great :)

    Hopefully I will have gathered every before begining september and I can begin my first actual grow journal on Train Wreck.

    I will be updating pictures of the closet tommorow to show you with what space I will be working with and you can give me suggestions.
  2. Here are some pictures of my closet and where all the equipment will go

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  3. your paying quite alot for that ballast light and reflector.


  4. Yeah but over time the bud will have surpassed that amount.
  5. the ballast, light, and reflector all all together with a timer and pulleys for 230$ CND with shipping 45$ thats 275$ total for my whole lighting system thats not that bad no? :smoking:
  6. thats about average for that type of light.
  7. also, what kind of power bar should I buy so that the light (400W HPS/MH System) and everything else can run on one power bar going into a regular circuit how many Amps should it be able to hold?
  8. If your in the U.S. 15 amps is pretty standard. In EU I think it's 20 amps but don't quote me on that. I really like the Power Squid, it's not your standard power strip but you don't have to worry about your timers taking up two spots. Otherwise a good computer powerstrip works really well. They are a bit more expensive but they can handle the volts. I have my 400w HPS, 170cmf vortex, 2x air pumps, water pump, and window air conditioner all on the same circuit. It only blows when my wife uses the hair dryer in the bathroom, weird huh?

    From all the information I've collected, Fox Farm's Ocean Forest soil seems to be a very popular pick. I use 50/50 Ocean Forest and Light Warrior, both Fox Farm products.

    Anyways, good luck with your grow!
  9. I'm in Canada, the same thing would happen to me at my old house when I had everything running in my room it would blow when I would turn my xbox on, I had to make sure the a/c was off. If I do buy a power squid will the regular multiplyer support the Joules? or do I get the Surge 100?
  10. you wont be able to fit many plants in that small area lol It would be hard to produce even enough buds to take care of your investment of the equipment
  11. I'm planning on growing 3 train wreck plants at once, I am purchasing 5 seeds from my local weed store. Train wreck is known to grow in height and less bushy TrainWreck Grow
    that should be a pretty good yield no?
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    Oh yeah what do you guys suggest to keep the room cool because its gonna be pretty fucking hot with a 400W system going, what kind of fans should I get, to cover this?

    Also I was looking around for a theremometer from my local home depot and I found this Digital Humidity Alert Thermometer looks like it's a theremometer that can do the job
  13. you want your temps to stay around 75-80F. Your going to need a good exhaust fan, and intakes to keep fresh in coming into the room to help cool it. looking good tho, wanna see what it looks like when its finished.
  14. you can find a much cheaper thermometer, at like walmart for ten bucks that reads everthing the hd one does.
  15. I know and it really worries me because I dont know how I am gonna make the exhaust because where will it link to out of my closet my nearest window is on the opposite side, my closet also has a small crack between it am I going to have to seal it or can I make this work to my benifit so hot air can come out.

    Also I was checking out the other reflectors the company im buying my light system from what they are offering and this is what they have but I dont quite understand

    "This is the best choice to make if one desires to have the most efficient air cooled system. The reflector is a self-contained unit which includes built in flanges and a tempered glass safety lens. Because the lens seals to the reflector, creating an airtight system, users can exhaust excess heat from the reflector without disturbing ambient CO2 levels.
    - Accepts Major Brands Cord sets
    - Sturdy Steel Construction
    - Durable White Powder Coat Construction
    - High Efficiency Spectral Pebbled Aluminum Reflective Insert
    - Fitted for Tempered Glass Safety Lens
    - High Strength Steel Hangers
    - Easy connection for inline fan and ducting"

    Does that mean that because of the lens less heat is being shot out by the light, could this help me? or do I just go with a cool tube instead and if I do go with a cool tube can it fit in the reflector?
  16. The cooltube is a type of reflector, along with the one you quoted, that is air cooled. This means you can hook up a vent and fan directly to your light to suck out most of the heat the light makes. Many growers will set up their vent system to pull the air out of the room, into a carbon scrubber, through the light (cooltube or any other air cooled reflector), and out of the room.

    You might want to consider a 250w HPS or maybe even CFLs. The 250w HPS won't put off as much heat as the 400w and should grow 3 plants without any problems. The CFLs will put off even less heat only increasing the room temp by a few degrees, but will require many more lights in total. Just something to think about.
  17. Talking about the carbon filter, do I have to put a fan to it or I just hook it up and it will work, what else will I have to do to it.

    Should I really go with a 250w HPS rather than a 400w wouldnt the extra lighting on the 400w increase its growth? But then again I may have a temperature problem with the 400w :S
  18. Yes, you must have a fan hooked up to the carbon filter in order for it to work. The way it works is the smelly air is sucked through the filter and thus the carbon. The carbon does something and makes clean air. This clean air is now safe to exhaust where ever you would like.

    As for the light issue. My setup was a cabinet 3' wide, 1.5' deep and about 5' high. I had a 400w HPS and 2x CFLs. The temp of the room the cabinet was located in was about 75-80 degrees. With only the CFLs and exhaust running the cabinet would reach temps in the 80s, with the 400w HPS it was well in the 90s. I opted for a bigger space insted of a smaller light. I now have a 4'x4'x7' homebox tent in the same room. Also got a window a/c in the room. Temp in the room is low 70s, temps with HPS in the tent are 78-81 degrees.

    You need to pick what works for you. If you can get a good exhaust system and your intake air is nice and cool, then the 400w should be fine. If you have poor exhaust or a warm intake then the 250w might even be too much. I'd recommend a 6' flange vortex type fan. It'll run you a couple hundred bucks but will exhaust a 400w with no troubles. Something like This would be great. Here is a filter and fan combo that would be great, overkill for your space but bigger is better! The 4" flange would work, that's what I have, but if I could do it over I would have went with the 6" flange fan. Your cooltube or air cooled reflector will all have 6" flanges or bigger.

  19. Also for the light issue, as a rule of thumb you want 100 watts or 5000 lumens per plant. A 150w HPS puts out 16,000 lumens, a 250w puts out 33,000, and a 400w puts out 55,000. So you could even get away with a 150w but your grow would suffer. A 250w would do fine, a 400w would be better. Just make sure you can keep your temps in the low 80s or even lower. I've seen growers grow in temps that reach the 90s with little problems and I've seen some pretty stressed plants from temps in the 90s. A good exhaust and fans to keep the air moving are the key for small indoor grows in my opinion.
  20. You think I'd be able to make wholes in the door and put fans in there to make a breeze of air also since im in canada and it gets colder will my room temperature be lower than average and be easier to mantain and make this work to my advantage

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