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  1. ive been trying to post this thread for awhile now... couldnt get it until now for some dumbass reason i cant explain. anwyay, I'm going to copy and paste what i put in a previous post:

    ok community... i need your help. Im in the process of setting up my cab which is going to be on the rather smaller side, but im trying to make it as effecient as possible. i havent constructed anything in the box yet.

    ~a nightstand/cab thats
    ~enough mylar to wrap my entire house
    ~exhaust which is going to be run from a fan in the floor connected to pvc pipe up to the top of the box and 90 degree angle towards where the lights will be
    ~another fan for inside the box (air circulation)
    ~2 pvc pipe connecters the same size as the exhaust pipe

    First im going to take the back off of the cab and put it the front... screw in shelves panels so it looks like a regular cabinet from the front. then im going to reinforce the floor of the cab and seal the entire cab with caulk and make air/light tight. now, on to the ventilation. going to place pvc pipe running from the floor in the corner of the box up to the top and it'll make a 90 degree turn at the very top of the box and run into the middle of the box where the lights will be placed. Also i'm going to place those 2 pvc pipe connectors in the floor for intake ventilation. (they are the same size as the exhaust pipe)

    considering building the carbon filter under the cab since its raised and have the fan under that. only problem is i dont know what to do!!!! lol (unless someone can tell me a good easy way to make a scrubber inside the box. i have no preference to where its placed, whatever is easiest)
    ~next im going to get a bathroom light fixture from home depot and put the 3 strongest cfls i can get at home depot. sound good?
    ~wrap that mother fucker with mylar and there you go....

    i still have to get whatever i need to make the door. Also, can i just cover the exhaust with panty hose, get any air filter shit near the duct tape at home depot and lay it over the hole on top of the panty hose...then get active carbon from petsmart and lay it on top of the filter??? or does that not sound effective..... and you think it will be too hot in there and hurt my babies once i start growing? i dont know anything so please help. what am i missing? how does this sound to you guys so far?

    i apologize if that i lost anyone in any of that... if you cant tell im pretty blitzed haha. and i want to thank you in advance if you've made it this far and took the time out to read this and help!!
  2. tried to make a very quick visual with google sketch up to atleast give a simple visualization of what i was thinking about doing.... maybe it'll help someone understand better lol idkk :smoke::smoke::smoke:

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