making my chica a mix cd

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by sensimil, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. im making a mix cd for the new girl. she loves sarah mclachlan..our music taste is slightly different, Im trying to find songs we would both like. I got incubus with pretty much the radio songs they play..shellknow and Ill dig. indigo girls maybe, dave, bnl too..Im just looking for some more ideas, inspiration. maybe I was thinking, some older songs, not to crazy rock, but something light, but rock like. I got tracy chapman on there too so far. I havent really decided ow to go with it, but if you guys have any ideas, let me know..meanwhile Im gonna be brainstorming and downloading everysong I can until my computer permanenty crashes :) thanks if you do have any ideas..all are welcome :)
  2. Maybe some Jane's Addiction? Classic Girl, perhaps?

  3. its rough for the 80s to make any mix I make LOL...but I was thinking tori..

    and im dl that janes addiction not sure if I remember it though..
  4. not sure if this will be quite your (or her) thing but how about ...

    And You And I

    (its on their CLOSE TO THE EDGE album)

    quite fitting if u ask me (but then people usually dont)... and its one i've had in mind if i ever make a compilation for a luvva.
  5. Ooh, and maybe the Roots & Les Nubians' cover of Taboo.. that's good. Maybe Three Libras by A Perfect Circle?

  6. damn girl, good call. its on. :) im gonna check out now those others.

  7. heheh, thanks. I <33 Jane's Addiction. They're one of my favorites. :)
  8. Hey...I'm not sure if it's your thing or hers but how about some Mazzy Star?

  9. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! got it down on the paper.. but all I know a *love* is fade into me. which, in its own, how could it not be the perfect song! :) are there any others that I could dl? I dont have a mazzy cd...
  10. She Hangs Brightly, Five String Serenade, Roseblood, Happy, She's My Baby, Blue Light, Mary of Silence, Into Dust, Wasted, Unreflected...any of those!

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