making my 6' more practical?

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  1. So I bought a 6' acrylic yesterday and I figured it would be pretty impractical but I was dumb and didn't realize it had no down stem only a plastic tube with a bowl because there is a Carb. So there is a hole with grommets how could I make a better downstem? And should I move the Carb lower on the neck or just scratch it all together?
  2. lol why would u buy a 6 foot bong??
  3. Why wouldn't you? Sorry if my first post was shit in high and on my phone.
  4. just seems very unpractical, unless ur like 7 feet tall... is it hard to hit and how do u hit it?
  5. Well obviously its more of a novelty item. And its like a cross joint man you can't light it by your self. Even at 7' I don't think you could reach the bowl I'm 6'1" and nowhere near close
  6. if you can get the downstem out then try to replace it with a glass one that will accept normal bowls 14.5mm and 18.8mm. you might have to do some custom work and maybe silicone in the downstem.
  7. I could try and drill it out bigger and like a 14 mm would silicone get hot though?
  8. I used to have one. All I did was replace the downstem with a heat resistant tube. Ran that tube 4ft up and outside of the bong. Tapped& glued it in place. Attach your metal/glass downstem to the top.
    Boom now you can hit it by yourself.
    Ps tape up the carb and make it a pull/slide carb

  9. thats your best bet. Use automotive silicone. Ultra Grey is what I use when i break peaces and fix them. I also use it to seal up my engine, so its deff good for the heat.
  10. Throw a lampshade over it and try to forget about it.
  11. A friend of mine use to have a 4 foot acrylic bong. ripped like a beast, no one could clear it if it was full.
  12. You can make a way of lighting it by yourself.

    Get a plate and a candle holder. Light the candle. Make sure it is at a slight angle.

    Angle the bowlpiece and movie it towards the flame. Light the bowl.

    You may think this seems dangerous, but there are many safeguards you can take, plus its not like you're going to be taking hit after hit after hit. (usually 2 or 3 hits from 6 footer will get me ripped).
  13. How did I not think that before?

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