Making mothers..come hither

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  1. I was introduced to this growing technique by a large grower for a local collective...Im not arguing the point...but results can be had both ways in a positive manner,but to disregard this as not being valid would be wrong to do.Metal Halide for veg has been the old school rule...but with new technology in bulbs a new grower has choices,what about L.E.D.?...yet another NEW choice.Not trying to get in a pissing match but lets try not to be narrow minded.
  2. Sadly LED doesn't achieve the light penetration needed to be truely effective over a HID, there are many studies backing this up. Mind you I use them to root clones but their use is limited. Light spectrum analysis is pretty cut and dry at this point, a superblue will give you the tightest node spacing, you may want more stretching for a mother depending how the strain stacks up, I could see it with Kens or hash plant.
  3. I agree that there isnt enough penetration vs HID and there use is limited...but 10yrs ago they werent even an option,kinda like a dual spectrum HPS bulb.The point is now we have some good viable choices.
  4. He'll yea point is my moms are under HPS and they will stretch better from what I've read giving better more viable clones.
  5. I clone about two hundred a week, clones are no more or less viable if they are stretchy, aerocloning will come out the same, Rockwool will do better with sturdier, less stretchy stems.
  6. How big are your mothers for you to clone that many.....? I'm bringing new strains up now ...
  7. I am cloning off Cheese,Maui Waui,White Widow,Canaloupe,Bubba Kush,OG Kush,A-Train,& Platinum Purple.
  8. Fifteen to twenty moms, always five or so coming up and five or so on the way out. Some strains I only keep one going, others more depending on the market.
  9. That's awesome fellas!!! Would love to see what thy og Kush, and cheese looks like cuz I'm growin it myself...15-20 moms that's a fair long did u let them go before they were able to produce that amount of clones u take?

    Cloned more bg few days ago.
    Gunna make a trip to the hydro store today to pick up more grow blocks and some propagation add more to the grows.
  10. I don't top, I just clone if you follow me. First one is usually around week three, then once the branching begins I just embrace my inner bonsai gardener and try to shape it.
  11. Get gavitas if your looking for dimable lights. I would never go back to my old ballast and hoods after using these. I have 6 with 2 more coming, you can change the output.
    As for putting 600 w bulbs in a 1000 w light... Dont do this, not safe.
    You can cut 50 clones pretty easy from a mother. Just let if veg out a bit then cut with steril supplies at 45 degree angle.
    Mothers are the way to do it, I built a room just for the mothers...
  12. What if I run a 1000 watt light at 50 or 75% dimmable?
  13. More watts, more lumens, more growth
  14. Dealing with heat from the 1000 watt though
  15. Go as high as you can
  16. get a gavita 1150 watt fully adjustable... by far my favorite lights
  17. What's so special about gravitas?
  18. What are so special about gravitas ?
  19. Moms on their way another 8 weeks lol. I need more cutting from this bubblegum. 14 more to be exact ....

    Sog at 1 week

  20. clean set-up..I like it.Hey are those the Mothers on the floor?..are they getting enough light...just look like they are shaded by everything.

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