Making mothers..come hither

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  1. Hahaha! Nah can't pull pic up.... Should I leave them in the dome still??
  2. Lol I should put all my mothers in protein jars hahaha!
  3. Not a great shot but this is why I am switching methods...I trained these white castles to stay small ...resulted in this will post weight eventually. Few more days
  4. Just turn the little vent knob "open" a little bit every day until completely open.Shake the moisture drips off the dome and spray again if not already wet,check for long roots out the bottom.Leave another 10 days.....Also if some start to lean/bend trim any large fan leafs back about a 1/4 this will help reduce weight on the stem.
  5. One more pic try...[​IMG]
  6. Haha got it...see how some of my leaves are trimmend..I also off set the plants so the leaves dont lay on each other and cause mold.These are 15 day old Bubba Kush.
  7. Makes sense, ur cuttings look a little older than mjne, I cut mine when there like 4 in.
  8. I let the mothers get too close to the lights and my clones are usually the tops.
  9. Ah I got ya.... I need all the tops I can get! Every 3rd week I would need close to 64 clones or more! So you say 4 weeks and my seedlings now will give me a lot a clones like how much each? I know strain plays a part but general rule of thumb
  10. I think maybe 6 at first per plant (im playing it safe)and that should double everytime due to plant growth.I am getting 20 per mother right now (all the size pictured) so I get 180 clones every 30day clone cycle (all tops) bottom clones are supposed to be more vigorous (just never took them)...I have 6 different strains and pull 20 per plant.It took me 6-months to get 4-5ft mothers (i only have 5.8ft ceilings).
  11. Nice man! Something to look forward to for sure. I just re potted all my new strains into new pots. Gotta water them tomorrow. Used humbolts soil mix from a local hydro outlet...u think they will take about a month to look like this bubblicious mother ? If so then I know I'll have a Ton of clones ....too many to count or store?? Might need another veg tent ha!

  12. So I'm reading that HPS spectrum is better for cannabis for vegging is this true?
  13. Burn whatever you are reading.
  14. Really? There was a Ton of info on it?
  15. Hps are for flowering, Mh for veg, that is well documented just about everywhere
  16. Its true!...I veg under two 1000w dual spectrum HPS bulbs and when I want to flower I just switch the light time in each room from 18/6 to 12/12.
  17. Dual spectrum hps are vastly inferior to a super blue MH for veg.
  18. I am sure there are some inferior bulbs out there in both HPS and Metal Halide that is why some bulbs are $30 and some are a $130 dollars..But fact is I get more vigerous growth in veg with HPS Dual Spectrum than I do in Metal Halide and this is fact.I did seperate rooms (light tight) with each type and found HPS Dual spectrum was better for more growth.
  19. Seeeee and I thought I was reading garbage... Ha! Point proven!
  20. There is a reason super blue bulbs are used by large scale and professional grows both here and overseas, they are scientifically proven to be superior. The point has been proven with consistent empirical data.

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