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Making mothers..come hither

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GYMRATjoos, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Ok so I ordered seeds from the tude and they just arrived. Gotta make some Strains mothers. So I need to know what size pots to put them in, gunna go soil cuz they mommas and they don't need me paying strict attention to just need em for their baby clones :$) so evil ha!

    Holy grail Kush
    Purple wreck
    cheese bomb
    Moby Dick
    Skywalker OG Kush
    white widow x big bud
    OG Kush# 18 giga bud
    critical # 47
    Jack 33
    critical hog

    Going to be running a perpetual grow tent sog.
    As of right now I have 2x 1000 watt hps and a 400 watt mh for veg/clones/mothers.
    2x 4x8 tents each with one 1000 watt.

    I wanted to know if I get two more 600 watts to add to the other sides cant I just grab 2 600 watt bulbs and replace them in my 1000 watt...? It'll leave me with 400 watts extra untouched. Does the electric actually use the full 1000 watts then , if I replace it with a 600 watt?


    After this grow I
    Want to add to the other sides and
    Make it all sog flood and drain.

    Coco mat will go underneath the cubes. Flooding table is a 3'x3' cuz I wanted the extra room and it would of costed like 200$ to ship 1 4'x4' so I went with a smaller siZe.


    Germing now


    Need to add some more clone domes but don't have Any mothers as of yet besides my bubblicious. Any advice would help a ton!! Thanks....
  2. Well got most popped and still no advice from anyone
  3. I don't get wat you are asking? U want to add 2 600w lights? But u want to kno if u can replace the 1000w bulb wit a 600w bulb? Wat kind of ballist are u using? Digtial? magnetic? Is it a dimmable ballist?

    chill & smoke some bud!
  4. Yes dimmable ballast
  5. For selecting a mother i would recommended growing the seeds out by strain labeling each, taking clones off them, flowering the seeds and keeping the best mother from the clones. May be differences between each plant. Some you like better than others.
  6. How do u get great success with rapid rooters and dome/tray method? Spray bottle and constantly keeping it moist....should I put a heating pad under neath?? Rh stays between 50-60% clones starting to yellow and some seeds are starting to sprout...
  7. I use cloning gel,rapid rooter plugs,water mixed with oxygenator,a humidity dome,propagating tray,& 1-24" veg flourescent....Dip the clone stem in the gel,put the clone in the plug,put the plug in the tray,spray with water/oxygenator,put dome on,turn light on (24-7) and set it on dome and leave it alone for 10-12days..then inspect for roots and trim any long Bottom roots...put back in tray with dome "open" for 7-10 more days and then plant....100% success.
  8. Dam that sounds like u got it down. I think maybe it's the length I've cut clones at? Idk but they wither and die most of the time and with luck I get 2-3 to continue growing like 4 weeks later your system works why touch it.

    Question you don't spray them for 10 days ? Do you worry they will dry out? What is your humidity at? 24-7 light? You say trim long roots? Why? Will this hurt them?
  9. How long does it take to grow out a mother for say 50 clones?from seed?and from clones? Do I have to LST her?
  10. Generally speaking you want to pop about 60-80 seeds of the same strain in order to select a mother. You can usually pair down to about the best 12-15 plants, put them in 3 gallon pots, label them numerically, take cuttings off each (label everything) and flower the cuttings after maybe a two weeks of veg to find the females (mover the ~6 or 7 remaining plants to 7 gallons) and which pheno fits your needs (stretchy or not, strength of supporting stems, etc). By the time the first mini-harvest is done you should have some nice smoke and be able to pick which pheno you want to keep.

    I FIM, I don't LST. By six weeks you should be able to take a half dozen decent clones, make them all moms, eight weeks later I would say you could take fifty at once.
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    ......60-80 seeds? ....BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!, I should spend $1,000 in seeds, eh? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

  12. A few strains popped and are on there way to making me amazing SOG strains!!!!!

    Today 12/31/12 last day of the year
    OG Kush #18
    Purple Wreck
    Holy Grail Kush
    Skywalker Kush
    Critical hog ....
  13. Six to eight hundred is about right if you are serious about genetics. You keep moms for years, the expense is negligible really.
  14. Gymratjoos the rapid rooter plugs come pre-moistend and the mist on the leaves keeps the clones from dying for 10 days (remember they dont have roots),you will know its working by the evidence of moisture on the sides of the dome(no need to measure).Yes I use the cheap 2ft flourescent Walmart grow lights,put one on 24/7 until roots develope (lay it on the dome).You trim the long root/roots hanging off the bottom (not sides) so the are forced to grow an even denser root pack in the next 10 days.I dont think it hurts them (never heard them scream).

  15. ...I'm serious about genetics so I research before I purchase :cool:....I don't keep mothers for years, I keep the genetics.... I keep a mom for about 6 months then start her over from one of her clones . the OP, I've found it easiest to just transplant your plants into slightly larger pots of new soil every 3-4 weeks, then you'll only need to give them water only.
  16. I have had my mothers now for almost a year,they all were clones from my collective so all were female.I started pulling clones 4-6 months of age (but this was my preference everyone will be different) dont need a mother for clones,when you top or remove lower branches from your production crop just make clones then that way if its good smoke you have more plants.If you LST your plant it will be shorter but you will have more main stalks which would mean more cutting choices,again everyone is different on this (read other growers opinions before developing your own).
  17. I forgot about seeds...I have just started playing with these I germinate them in paper towels on a heating mat in a black butter dish (no light) until I see a tap root then it goes into a solo party cup w/seed starting soil( Leave a little room to add soil in-case of seed stretch) under three cheap walmart lights 24/7 (keep the lights within an inch of the plants) until it has 3-4 sets of leaves then it goes straight into a 3gal bucket and into production.I dont use feminized seeds so my male/female ratio has been horrible (15 bubba kush had 9 males, boo-hoo I know)...
  18. I got all fem seeds
  19. Happy new year fellas! It's day 9 on clones and I figured I'd follow
    Ur advice and open up the dome for 10 days? Will see if they continue to die or flourish.....


    Setting up the new sog perpetual flood and drain grow.


    Pics of clones diein a little and some of the new strains popping.


    To the right is my bubblicious mother. Topped her again far I have 25
    Clones and 15 new strains.
  20. Crap dont know if links worked...sorry I'm old.

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