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making me violently nauseous

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by yzgrassy, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Folks,

    I was a long term Methadone user due to a nasty truck accident. I took myself off voluntariy but my pain comes in body seems to be really resistant to meds so we went the MM route. man, this stuff works..kinds niftry not being in pain after almost 6 years but I finf soming blunts hard on my lungs and my stomach. So I bought a very good vapourizer.

    It is perfect...I can keep the vapour cool and I though this was going to be great until about 10 minutes into is still making me violently nauseous.....makes we want to puke NOW...

    Doctors have no idea what is wrong because they give it for stomach probs..I have also asked other joy ..anyone ?? I like smoking it..

    I have bought some empty caps so I will be trying it that way...

    Can anyone wade in with something to help me ?

  2. Chemicals in you bud? Try a different dealer
  3. Do you actually end up puking? Or is it just a feeling? It could be mental, if you don't actually puke.

    Weed sometimes makes me feel nauseous, and five minutes after, I need to take a big shit.
  4. My dealer is the Canadian Gov't :) Mulder may have a comment about that :) I am legal to grow inside so I built a fairly decent growing station and my little fellas are about an inch tall.

    I have heard of the "dump after toke" issue..

    Not yet. I am really adverse to puking ( university days and more recently, norwalk virus) but I can feel the bile coming up and it also like I have been hit in the solar plexus.

    My kid suggested only doing half a blunt...maybe two or 3 minures of smoking...haven't tried it yet..I really dislike the feeling.

    I am going to pop a few home made caps tonight..I know the hit will be slower but we will see about the stomach.

  5. I've noticed that White Russian has that effect on me (and I also vape it). Could be the strain, could be mental.
  6. To much thc in a short amount of time, and your vaporizing. Take it easy next time bro.
  7. Too much too fast ? Then this could be a pacing thing ?

  8. Yeah vapor is more a concentrated vapor of compounds. Take afew drags hold for 5-8 seconds and exhale. Wait 15 minutes, if you still want to keep vaping start again.

    Your just getting sick because your not use to a vaporizer and higher levels of compounds.

    Same thing happens to alot of people who try BHO concentrates at first.
  9. First off, welcome. We're glad you found mmj as an alternative to man-made pain meds, I do it myself. I think you'll find out that this is a very powerful herb, as I recently did with edibles. I have extreme sciatica that comes on speratically and when I smoke I will usually cough, making these spasms absolutely relentless and unbearable. BUT in your case your having trouble with nausea, is this a case of when you are actually vaping/ smoking you want to vomit, or does this nausea come on as the mmj starts it's voyage throughout the body? If it's something thats caused by smoking or vaping I know I personally can cough so hard sometimes I feel like I'll vomit. If it comes on from the high then maybe you should try some idica dominant strains. ie. purple strains, kush strains, etc. here's an article Best Strains for Nausea that will probably do you some good as well. Good luck!
  10. When the nausea hits, take a HOT shower!

    Cannabinoid hyperemesis relieved by compulsive bathing. (full – 2009)
    [FONT=&quot]Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Relieved by Compulsive Bathing[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Cannabinoid Hyperemesis and Compulsive Bathing: A Case Series and Paradoxical Pathophysiological Explanation (full – 2010) [/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]

    You (if my theory is right) over-produce at least one of the endocannabinoids and you are overloading your system with the THC. Try some high CBD cannabis, it won't get you as high but it should go better with you. Or just cut back. :(

  11. You could also be swallowing air during the unfamilar vape you belch at any point as the nausea passes?

    Indigestion (Dyspepsia, Upset Stomach) Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - What are the symptoms of dyspepsia (indigestion)? on MedicineNet

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    I would suspect your vape is perhaps burning plastic releasing noxious fumes which will certainly make u nauseous. Also if you're not feeling too well to begin with and get real ripped that will make u feel sick, eat some chicken noodle soup or something, make a big smoothie and drink it while u get ripped, thats what i like to do hah. But just take it easy, make sure theres no contamination, try different bud, and like that guy right above me said about air, true that.
  13. If you are new to smoking marijuana then it might be a too much too fast kind of thing. You're body isn't used to it yet and gets overwelmed. I've been smoking for years and I can still get too high sometimes from my vape and feel sick. Try pacing yourself more, try a little less in the bowl, and take more time in between tokes. Take a few tokes, then take a break for 10-15 minutes and then repeat until you get the desired level of pain relief without getting to the point you get sick.

    It could also be the quality of the marijuana you are using. I vaped some nasty tasting stuff once that made me sick to my stomach afterwards, wasn't the best quality. You can really tell a difference between good quality and bad when vaping because you taste it so much more.

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