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Making liquid THC using alcohol distillation methods???

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by weed devo, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Is it possible?

    A vaporiser works by heating up the marijuana to THC's boiling point and then smoking the vapour. What if you were to cool this vapour so that it turns from a vapour to a liquid? A still for distilling alcohol could do this. The only problem I see is finding a liquid that has a higher boiling point than THC and can easily be mixed with marijuana to create the wash.

    I don't see any reason why this shouldn't work. It is the exact same principle as distilling alcohol only instead of keeping the temperature at 78 degrees to extract the ethanol, you keep it at THC's boiling point

    Any suggestions/ideas/comments???
  2. It works, you just have to do it right. Remember, the search button is your friend.

    You don't boil it, by the way- You let it sit for awhile in a certain amount of high-proof alcohol. Something along those lines. And a silks creen.. I forget. Do a search.
  3. When ya' get some made you should call it "Hash Oil"..... :D and you could put it on a Rollin' paper....and roll a "Super Dobbie":hello:

    Ya' can make it with.....
    151 Rum
    White Gas....Colman fuel.....Big boom if ya' mess this one up
    and alot of other things....Butane makes a nice "Honey Oil"

    Another thing that ya' can do I make super pot outta Mex. Schwag.....the same way
    Buy a pound for 100 bucks Az. prices..
    break it all up and run it over a window screen(gettin the seeds and stems out)
    take 2 0Z's and set that aside
    take the rest and put it in a pot and cover it with Rum or Everclear add 3 cups water warm it on low heat ...covered for a few hours
    allow it to cool a lil then pour it through coffee filters and put it in a glass bowl throw the weed away..
    watch the liquid as it evaporates it will get thicker... when it is very thick like syurp add a lil Everclear to thin it out...prolly 3 or 4 shots then go get that 2OZ's ya' set aside...ya' diddnt smoke it did ya'?
    dump it in the sticky goo ya' have in the bowl ....mix it all up real well coat all the weed....spread it out on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper let it dry out til it's dry enuff to smoke...

    What ya' have is all the THC and CBD's and other goodies from a Lb of weed concentrated on 2 Oz's good luck smokin it in a Joint...Bowl works the best

    I the 80's we called that "Sexy Mexi".... and it sold for 25 bucks a qt. when mex. was 25 bucks an Oz.:smoking:
  4. Yeah I know what you're thinking of. I've done that before with some whisky. I drank half the bottle and filled the rest up with stems and left it for 4-5 months before straining and drinking. I know this method works cuz I was FUCKED UP.

    What I'm talking about though is making pure, liquid THC with no alcohol content at all. Those who have distilled their own alcohol before or know the process will understand what I mean. For those who don't, just imagine using a vaporiser but instead of directly inhaling the THC vapour, you cool the vapour so that it turns into a liquid
  5. damn DrBudGreengenes that sounds like a good idea. except i would never be able to get a pound of schwag for that price, so it would be hard for me to do now. but i wana try that some day
  6. What you will get is HASH OIL.....:D

    The Distilation process that you are describing is how 1000's of Liters of oil are made every year...

    To extract "Pure THC" would require isolation on a molecular level that most "Laymen" are not capable of ........I have smoked a "Purified THC Crystal" it was most unpleasant......:(
    you dont want Pure THC....you want a "Cocktail" of all of the cannabnoids(sp?)...I belive close to 130 of they have been Id'ed that is what makes up the "High":smoking:
  7. Just please make sure you know 100% what you are doing, extracting this way; errors can cause death....
  8. If you want the tried and true method, its not pure, but its damn close. Go with BHO.

    Your idea of condensing vapor is an interesting one. The problem is that vapor isnt pure THC. Its got a very high concentration of THC, but its nowhere near pure. While THC boils at a relatively low temperature (316*F), you gotta remember that there are compounds in ganja that boil at lower temperatures than that.

    Not to say its not a good idea. I think if you were to find a way to work that, it would definitely produce some funky shit for sure. But if you're trying to get the highest concentration of THC, BHO is the way to go.

    Unless the secret budder recipie has been unleashed on the world, that is...
  9. hey everyone. regarding the best way to extract the THC using alcohol? well, i read on this site that lemon extract was one of the most simple, efficient, cheap, and viable ways to make green dragon. so naturally, i went to the store, and picked up the bottle (contained in its protective carton), and read the alcohol content: 83%!!! holy shit i thought. i quickly, albeit shadily, slid half a dozen cartons into my cart. i was about to flounce away triumphantly, but then it suddenly hit me. why not check out the alcohol content of some of the other extracts? i went through several; almond, vanilla, imitation almond, and even coconut. Nothing could thus far top the 83% obtained by the happily victorious lemon extract. then, suddenly, out popped the peppermint extract! 89 fucking percent!! that's (wait for it) 178 proof. out went the lemon extract and in went the peppermint. peppermint's cooler anyways. they each cost $5. and they each contained 5 oz. i thought that was pretty good. and in case you were wondering, the brand of peppermint extract that worked the best for me was mccormick. you should be able to find it in most stores (i found mine in the equivalent of Cosco, Giant Eagle, Great Bear, Sam's Club, or whatever your local equivalent is). well, just get 1 small glass bottle (a clean canada dry tonic water bottle works best), some mediocre/decent tree (i used half heads, half mids), and some time. break up all the tree or grind it up if you want. and some people ay take out the seeds and/or stems, but i say leave it all in. THC is one of the most commonly found and active cannabanoid in weed. so i believe that even the seeds and stems should go in. come on. we're just going to strain it later anyway. c'mon. seeds? yep! TRUST ME. so dump all peppermint extract (5 oz.) into the canada dry bottle, and carefully place the ground/broken up weed inside (NOTE: i'm not presumptuous enough to deliniate the "proper" ratio ot extract to weed. however, i will share with you what worked for me. i used 5 oz. of extract and i'd say roughly 6.5 grams of tree (about equal parts mids and heads) the peppermint extract will have a VERY pungent odor, although merely opening the bottle will make the whole room smell (i believe a similar substance can be found in those scented oils some people use). i got some on my eye, and it stung like a motha, but left a cool, fresh sensation on my eyelid. and let me just say this real quick. do NOT, under any circumstanes, drink the peppermint extract plain. i mean, if you wanna do it just to spite me, go ahead, i'm not gonna stop you. however just know that it will NOT be pleasant. additionally, due to its high alcohol content, the extract will evaporate very quickly (several times as quickly as water does), so do everything quickly and carefully. well, with the weed and peppermint extract safely in the bottle, give it a good shake. in fact, give it several hundred shakes if you want to. just make sure that you could say for certain that there is definitely no dry weed in the bottle. then screw the lid on VERY tightly and wrap it in dark fabric (navy blue or black is ideal), and put it in the corner of a bookshelf. let it sit for however long you want. i'm just cooking up a batch myself and i plan on trying it every few days to see how potent it is. and before i forget to tell you, check on it at least 5 times a day to makes sure it hasn't leaked. i put mine in a cleaned out soap container, and while it was up on my bookshelf i thought to myself, why, the room smells like peppermint. well, yep. it was fucking leaking. thank god i saved it, otherwise the whole process would have been a complete waste of time, weed, and extract. that was when i transeferred it to the canada dry bottle. i reccomend using a glass bottle becuase, well, glass rarely leaks.

    so, when you have finally waited a few days, take the shit out, and strain it with a coffee filter. squeeze EVERYTHING out of the filter. the liquid should be some type of gree or brown (obviously depending on which type of bud you used and the length of time the bud was immersed in the extract). you should have a bit more than 5 oz. of green dragon. remember, the alcohol extracted stuff from the weed. the green color is simply due to the color or the leaves diffusing into the alcohol. thc is obviously colorless. and keep in mINd that this should all be done very quickly. after you have the stuff, try this. this is a very convenient way to carry around your green dragon. if you smoke lots like me, you'll have a ready supply of eye drops. well, use up a Visine (this brand will work best), and put the GD in there. that way, you can carry it around anywhere you go and sneak a few drops into a shitty meal to make it fabulous, or 8-16 drops into the brownie mix (plus you'll get a sweet ass peppermint taste!!)!. and the great thing about GD is that it works in an extended release system, meaning that it acts in much the way a carbohydrate would upon entering the body. it's a long term high, as loading yourself with carbohydrates (bread, pasta,) would induce a long term energy gain. well, if you have any questions, i'm going to be monitoring this board. hope the GD works well for you. Just remember, NEVER try more than a few drops of any NEW green dragon. it could be extremely potent and you could wind up quite sick. try a maximum of 6 drops from a Visine of any new GD, but no more. if, after 90 minutes (on an empty stomach possibly a bit longer), you desire more, go for it. the thing is, it may be tempting to chug down the whole thing when the process is finally complete, but finding the amount to take that is perfectly suited for YOUR body is worth experimenting with the dosage. if you've stuck with me this far, congratulations. i think i've covered every important aspsect of green dragon. Good Luck!!!!!
  10. oh, and real quick. i read somewhere that in order for the cannabanoids to be activated, one has to heat the weed up in a microwave (a process called decarboxylation). although that would still acheieve results, there i no reason to do that. thc ccan be extracted from weed in 4 common ways:

    1. Fire (direct contact)
    2. Alcohol (extracts, spirits)
    3. Lipids (butter, oil. fats)
    4. Heat (microwave, baking, vaporizer)

    with the GD we're doing #2. and since they all work equally effectively, why add in an extra step? don't god damn microwave marijuana.
  11. dont frikin use methanol or acetone or any shit you get a hardware store they are poisoned and can contain carcinogens just use very high proof potable alcohol like everclear or bacardi 151
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    I would say this book is the definitive source for info...


    Most of it is online but i would buy it, i got one for my Bday as a gift.

    And i would reccomend the coldfinger instead of some homebrew device...


    Now as far as what you were talking about, no reason one couldnt hook the output of a vapir or herbal air into a long copper tube that was coiled and cooled. The collected liquid would be pure extract without solvent.

  13. As far as i've researched the secret budder recipe is liquid co2 or o2 extraction so no solvents to purge, then the remainder is converted to acetate with increase in yield and potency..
  14. THC crystalizes quickly and is not stable in liquid form. What you describe would not work. You can of course extract pure THC using solvents such as butane, hexane, or any alcohol. That's what high grade honey oil and budder are: 90%+ THC.
  15. COuld you use these alcohol based liquids to smoke in an electronic cigarette with an atomizer? Like a Janty Dura ecig or a 901 pen? its like a nicotene vaporizer! Just curious.
  16. Not sure what temp the run at but I don't see why not.
  17. Thank you ThSea! Going to the store now!
  18. multiple fractional distillations in an oil based emulsion seems feasible, gonna need some glassware though!

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