Making liquid pH down solution out of dry pH down

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  1. I have a dry bag of general hydroponics pH down.  I want to make it into exactly what general hydroponics liquid ph down solution is.
    Does anyone know of the correct ratio/procedure/etc on how to do this?
    Do I heat the water before hand? (im using RO water) Do I keep the water heated the whole time, and stir it until completely dissolved?  Will the dry pH down come out of solution when the solution cools off?
    Basically need some chemistry help.....
    If noone can help, what I will do is heat the RO water up to a little cooler than boiling, and I will just add the pH down dry powder until it does not dissolve anymore.
    Its in a growers best interest to get the most concentrated solution of pH down/up possible, right?  
    ANyone have any experience with this? :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoking: :smoking: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin:

  2. I'm thinking that this might help you with what you're looking for buddy. The GH dry pH down powder is just a food grade Phosphoric Acid. There are many sites/pages that will tell you how much of the powder per gallon of water to use but this one here below seemed pretty straightforward -

    "Phosphoric Acid 85% Applications:

    To use Phosphoric Acid 85% Food Grade as a Fertilizer you must first know that it has a 0-26-0 fertilizer analysis or nutrient content.

    Phosphorus: P = 26.6%

    If you take (1) gallon of R.O. water and add (1) gram of Phosphoric Acid 85% Food Grade Fertilizer you would have 70ppm (P) Phosphorus in solution.

    Note: Keep this in mind when you use Phosphoric acid as a Hydro DIY pH Down!

    Note: Phosphoric Acid 85% Food Grade Fertilizer has a density of 1.685 g/ml or 1.685 grams per every ml

    CAUTION: Phosphoric Acid is corrosive Dont get on your skin or in your eyes. Wear the proper protective gear: glasses, gloves etc..



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