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making keif.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bluntmanx420, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. alright so..

    im wondering how do you guys make keif, without grinding your stuff up in a grinder, like what is your method to making it?

  2. Grow it?

    No really, Kief is just another name for those crystals found on bud. When you grind it up, it falls into the kief catcher, if you have one. Then you can make Hashish out of it. You don't 'make' kief, rather you 'collect' it.
  3. I've only ever gotten keif from grinders, and because you asked the question i'm assuming you don't think ground up weed is keif,, right?

  4. im asking more along the lines of, how do you collect your keif..
    i personally dont own a grinder, but i was wondering if their is another way to collect the keif off the bud, without grinding it up.
  5. Don't believe so.

    Buy a 4 piece grinder for like $20. WELL WORTH the investment.
    A kief-topped bowl is the way to end the day.
  6. You might be able to get a small amount out of your stash jar or whatever you keep your nugs in.
    But I think the best way is through a grinder.
  7. Oh yeah, that reminds me.

    I got the smallest amount out of my mason's jar after a month of storing various bud in there, and a little tiny bit from a pill bottle. Not really enough to have fun with though.

  8. rofl yea i got that too, the tinyiest bit...
  9. He wants to know how to do it without a grinder, people. Put your bud in the freezer for 15 mins, to freeze the trichs then you wanna get a silk screen and tap your bud around on it and kinda move it around to get all the trichs off and you collect it, easy as that.
  10. Or spend $23 on a grinder and just grind it up, which would save him a good 15 minutes.
  11. Rock Tumblers work for doing what the OP wants.

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