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    There's a girl I like , and we've been on two dates. Instantly we clicked. We've made out at my place. How long should I wait to officially ask her out? I don't want to ask her out and be denied then have everything be awkward. I'd rather keep it in the casual zone its in now than ruin it by attempting to make it official. I don't care about labels or making it official or whatever.. only reason I want to make it official is so she doesn't (or is less likely to) hook up with other dudes when we're not together. It's been awhile since I've been in the dating game. I have mostly been having casual hookups for years.
    How long should I wait to officially ask her out? Is it just one of those things that you have to feel the timing for? Or is there a set amount of time/dates?

  2. I generally don't make it "official." Eventually the subject of being exclusive comes up and it's either agreed upon or not. And bob's your uncle.
  3. Tell her you wana get serious.
  4. if you like her and she likes you, just go for it.
  5. if she seems into you and you're into her then she will probably be receptive to it and hoping for it. the only thing I think would consider in waiting is, how long have you been seeing each other? like are you still in super-infatuation-phase? take that into account for your own sake. it's much easier to remove yourself from someone you're not dating, rather than to start dating someone and find yourself not liking them as much than you realize due to rushing into it, but forcing yourself to try and see the "good" in it just because it's "official"
  6. Good on ya, mate. If you want to get serious, I'd take the advice above and tell her exactly that. "I'm into you and I don't want to see anybody else." Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
    I remember when my lady and I went "official." I was living in a house with 7+ other people at the time and after two months of serious flirting and a few dates in, we had our first sleepover at my place. It was like being on the schoolyard the next morning with all the snickering and whispers around the kitchen. One of my housemates brought it up: "so, are you two a thing?" I feigned offence and went on this whole rant about how something as beautiful and electrifying as us can't be considered merely a thing. She shot back, "so, are you a couple then?" I looked at my girl, she looked at me, and I said, "well, darlin'... you wanna go steady?"
    So just dive right in, man. Can't win if you don't play.
  7. Do what I did and find a clever way to ask her out for Valentine's Day. Good way to surprise her, and find out if she really likes you.

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