Making infused olive/coconut cooking oil in the oven only!

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  1. Okay guys, I have seen many people describe how to make edibles, and I was super high one day and did not want to waste my time with a pan ect, so I checked my china and found this Oven safe/ dishwashing safe sealable jar ( it has a seal like a jar when closing and it is heat resistant!) So I had this brilliant idea , and decarbed my material in the sealable jar for a hour and a half @ 250, since its in sealable jar and not a lot of room to spread out the material I had it in there for a extra 30 minutes over a regular hour decarb.

    I then dumped my cooking oil of my choice for the amount of material I Had ,I only used a half o of material and 3/4 cups of oil. I put it in the oven at 220F For 6 hours, every hour I would remove it from the oven stir it, and seal it back up. This process is also very smell proof, Of course you will have to have at least a candle or a window open for a minute or two after your done but it is a lot more efficient this way then stove top. After straining the product out a few times, I cool the oil down and enjoy a sample, I asked my friend if he could feel my heart beat one day as I was tripping so bad that I thought my heart stopped.
    High ideas---.. XD
  2. 240* F for 40 minutes is perfect for a decarb. It doesn't make a difference if it's in a sealed Mason jar or not.

    As far as that long ass second time in the oven with oil, it did nothing but degrade your THC to CBD. More couch lock then high.

    When I make oil I do 240*F for 40 minutes. Mix it with coconut oil, and a pinch of lecithin, then mix well. Heat it for another 20 minutes at 220*F, then freeze it, then another 220*F, then another freeze and its ready to use when thawed. This has worked the best out of every single thing I have tried... (BrassNwood and psychodealic Sam you guys rock)

    The 2nd and 3rd reheat are to get more CBD couch lock out of it as I use it for sleep / pain management.
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  3. Not degrading any thc most oils take that long to extract the plant to the oil it takes longer then a few hours I will try your freezing method. To see if it works but it takes a lot longer to even get thc out Anand into the oil?
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