Making IMO in worm bin.

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  1. hi guys from a newby. I was wondering if anyone has tried this using the worm bin to collect the White candy floss stuff? I have only seen this done in one video on YouTube but not much info given. I,m I bit limited to woods and forests around me :)
  2. Which worm bin, and what white candy floss stuff? Mycelium?
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  3. Hi there. Any worm bin and yes mycelium. I think maybe I am in the wrong forum to ask this question? However you know what I,m talking about so maybe you can give me advice :)
  4. What reasons are you wanting Mycelium for? Generally, EWC's are much more bacterial dominant than fungal. If you are after a good fungal source, you may be better off using compost. If you do have access to some compost, one way to check/feed for fungal activity is to put it in a container in a warm area (room temp) and sprinkle in a little ground oatmeal or MBP leave it slightly covered and check on it in a day or two. If there is a decent fungal population present, I promise you will see it lol. usually you will have mycelium growth pretty quickly.

    But what is your reason for wanting mycelium?
  5. i think he meant to feed the worms with mycelium he finds in the forest? :confused_2:
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  6. I think maybe he is trying to capture the mycelium using a worm bin because he is limited in the area of nature he has access to.
    My advice would be to start with quality compost/vermicompost and the soil will naturally attract what it needs.
    So yes the worm bin is a good source. You can sprinkle oats or mbp like Iammelchlor suggested and you should see some fungus in a few days. Keep slightly moist and covered loosely.
    I don't even bother with a bin anymore. All my pots have worms. Tons.
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