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  1. Question for those who know. I made a batch of hash a long time ago on my forst grow and I was wondering if I had done it to soon. My question is do I wait for teh trimings to cure all the way or can I make it right after harvest with the popcorn buds stems and sugar leaf trimings? Got a ggrow I will be harvesting in the next week to 10 days. Thanks

  2. If you freeze your trim before making the hash, it will be a better quality than hash from fresh trim
  3. Thanks, So, freezing the trim then going to use the Martini method, unless I find one a bit easier. Thanks again

  4. You need for the trichomes to become brittle so they snap off at the head or base of the stalk. Fresh, gooey trichomes don't exactly snap. This is why people freeze the fresh trim. I would recommend completely drying the trim first. You don't need to cure it, but allow it to dry in a cardboard box for a few days. This will convert all, or most, of the THC to its psychoactive form prior to the extraction. Trichomes also snap off of dry plant matter better than frozen fresh trim. Want to ensure they are as brittle as possible... dry and freeze prior to extracting.

    You can prove the increased efficacy of using dry trim for yourself. Just wash half of your trim fresh and frozen, and then do the rest after drying. The latter will produce more, better hash.
  5. Thanks Dude, thats what I was looking for. I'll let it dry with the crop and prior to curing I'll make a batch. No rush here plenty of open dispenseries. Just trying to well brew my own I guess you could say. I got a batch of Mr. nice guy just dripping with crystals, my hands get sticky just looking at it :). thanks agai


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