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making hash with vaped bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by loopster, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. so i have about an ounce of vaped weed and random stems and such that i have saved, and was just curious if it would make some dank hash or not? just need some input and advice thanks.
  2. I don't think you can make hash per se, but I know you can make some dank edibles with that stuff. :D
  3. Well since you have that much, maybe you could make some iso hash, leave that vaped weed with the iso in a container and shake it for like 2 weeks i'm sure you'll get some hash, maybe a gram?
  4. It probably won't be 'dank'

    But yea you can make hash out of it, put it all into a jar pour iso in it - enough to cover the bud - close lid and shake for 15 seconds or so, strain it into a dish and then run it through a coffee filter, put it into a pyrex baking dish and evap the alcohol, wala hash. You can also bake the pyrex at the end for 10-20 minutes on 220F in your oven and then freeze it after to decarb it instead of scrapping after you evap / cure.
  5. Code:

    I wanna make hash too but why wont it be dank hash if it was dank bud?
  6. Well, if you make it right it will be potent but it probably won't taste that great, but I imagine you can make dank hash out of it. I think it's a good idea either way, the taste doesn't bother me and it gets you flying :smoke:
  7. Because the potency was reduced after vaping, I'm pretty sure.:eek:
  8. You can make hash, quite decent hash indeed. I've done it with 1/4 oz before, I'd imagine you'd get a strong yield with an oz, several washes too. Use Hashmoufs ISO hash method. He uses stems but you can do this method with AVB. The pics seem to have disappeared but the reading should explain it all, if you need help PM me. I've done this more than a few times.

  9. Im doing this tonight with 46 g and bubblebags
  10. Make cannabutter with it and make edibles. I save about 2 Oz ever month of AVB ( after vaped bud) and make butter
  11. [quote name='"loopster"']so i have about an ounce of vaped weed and random stems and such that i have saved, and was just curious if it would make some dank hash or not? just need some input and advice thanks.[/quote]

    You can definitely make hash, there's a few recipes on GC and other sites. The hash won't be as good if you got it from potent bud, but it's easily the best method to get rid of the plant material and exact the actives.

    So yeah, you can make some nice stoney hash with it!
  12.  I know this is a couple years old, but how was the finished product after running vaped weed thru the bags? Did you freeze the work material?
  13. Yeah I'm wondering too, maybe pics

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    Just grind it to dust, put it in a jar with some oil or butter & cook for 1 hour, eat it, it will get you alot higher for alot longer
  15. you can make it but if you vaped it well it wont have a very high thc content.
  16. You could just QWISO. But if it's pretty vaped it will have a low content, if you throw some kief or stems in there it might work well.
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    I don't think you guys read the thread... You're offering advice to someone who asked two years ago haha.
  18. if you can get 100 proof pure grain alcohol fit for consumption you can make hash oil by putting the weed in a pool of pure grain alcohol for a couple days, filter out the bud, evaporate the alcohol (not as long as you would think it takes) and boom you have pure thc concentrate. You would probs get around $80 worth of oil if your lucky with that bud. All depends on the THC content of it though

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