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Making Hash With Seedy Trim?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PinkFloydEffect, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. I have some trim and seedy/stemmy bud I want to make hash/oil from...but I have a few questions. Will curing the trim make it any better for making hash? I thought curing only improved the plant material for burning, smell and taste? Also how should I go about hashing the seed pods, if I grind everything up I may end up with seed oil in my final product?
  2. No need to cure when making oil/hash.
    Dont grind your bud up, it will break apart itself from the cold temps and movement amd there should be no issue with seeds.
  3. Don't grind my bud up? Really? How is it going to fit in my extractor?
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    First time making dry sift hash from trim :) Very proud for first time. Any tips? This was done using a 110 micron silk screen. The shake is what was leftover after harvest. Usually tossed them but I tried this and although its very time consuming I enjoyed doing it and didn't want any BHO or DRY ICE. The return was ok I guess at 10-12 % and that's exactly 3g in picture. With that said what a better alternative then tossing out.

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  5. Are you making water hash or butane oil with a tube?
  6. That looks great. I'll take that over any BHO any day.
  7. Likely using a heat press then second run with alcohol. Maybe butane not sure yet.
  8. So you're going to make rosin? If you mean squish the buds for the oil. I'd like to see the return on a second run keep us tuned ! I'd avoid grinding for the cleanest product.
  9. We are not sure which method we are going to use, our press is hand powered no hydraulics so the alcohol extracts anything left over.

    Of the 3 methods which do you grind for and which do you not??

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