Making Hash: To Dry or Not to Dry

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by woodlum, May 13, 2010.

  1. that is the question... alcohol or cold water I'm gonna try both
  2. Let us know how you feel after your stay in the intensive burn unit if you don't let alcohol-made hash dry.
  3. Don't ruin your buds that way...
  4. ???? Jesus. :cool:

    I think he means should he dry the herb before making hash out of it, or should he make it with undried herb. I have had much better results drying it first. Cold water makes better tasting hash in my opinion. I've tried both ways.
  5. lol.... yeah I meant before hand I hear people say both is better but it seems like it doesn't make a difference
  6. From my experience, the best way is to take FRESH TRIM and immediately FREEZE it for a day. The next day, your trim is ready to use. SO do not dry it because it will break up too much and I feel you get more oils out of it when its fresh too, final product turns out darker too. I assume you're making bubble hash. The alcohol trick works to make hash oil, read up on it. its a sticky in one of the forum categories.
  7. The grow season just started and I am planning a big hash harvest. I won't be bagging it or washing it. I'll be grinding and screening it. Real hash. You should be able to get a gram or two from an ounce without damaging the buds. I'd love to pull enough bud to beat with a stick.

    Good luck with your plans, I've tried the alcohol extraction and it just didn't taste right even after several weeks of curing. Never again.

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