making hash, pollen sacs or not?

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  1. Making hash from a forced hermi plant the blender method.. has some buds with thc, should i cut off all the pollen sacs before blending?
  2. im pretty sure it will produce some hash, but not sure if you should cut off the pollen sacs, (i kinda think you should though)
  3. I think pollen is water soluble so in theory it should be in the water that you pour off and not among the trichomes that settle to the bottom. If you want to take the time to be sure and you can isolate some pollen you could dump the pollen in a glass of water and see what it does. If it floats then you shouldn't have to worry. If it doesn't float but dissolves when you stir it then again you should be safe. If it settles to the bottom even if you stir the water then it will probably mix in with your hash.

    I just made a few batches of qwiso from hermies and I imagine there was probably some pollen mixed in but I sure can't tell from the appearance or potency of the final product. If pollen doesn't dissolve in alcohol then my batches would be clean but I don't care enough to test this. Even if you have a little pollen mixed in with your hash it isn't going to hurt you. A lot of health nuts think pollen is good for you - they probably didn't have smoking in mind as a means of consuming the pollen but oh well.

    If you really want to take the time to chop sacs then go for it. However, the more you handle the plant before it goes in the blender the better chance you have of knocking off precious trichomes.

    Good luck and enjoy the hash!
  4. Thanks for the info, its my first time making hash btw... had this female hermie plant
    and figured might as well make hash before its pollen is everywhere in my garden.. also, should i dry the whole plant out to where the stems snap and the buds are smokable? thanks :smoking:
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    Did a test run on some vaped bud i had, All i really smoke is medical indicas.. good amount ounce or so, drinded it up in a little electirc coffee grinder i found, let it sit in a bowel, then use the coffe filter papers

    My first time

    Still wet,

    Day after dry (allready smoked a good 4/5 bowls)

    Kinda crumbley maybe because i used a metal strainer that had bigger openings not like the steel coffee ones (need to get one) but a good high
  6. scratch that, i got the coffee strainer and used some of the leaves and stems off the plant to make the hash




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