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Making hash oil Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sativa-hyena, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. I need help figuring out the best ways to make potent hash oil from All my homegrown buddies!! Aaah so much of it and I wanna make hella oil.

    (Below is what I have already to go for the processing!)

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  2. Just look on grass city for Hashmoufs recipe.

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  3. Hey brother, isopropyl it!

    I'm constantly making hash and best way i find you can do it is with isopropyl alcohol - which can be found at chemist or supermarket.

    1) chop up ur bud in a container
    2) fill container with isopropyl at 1 1/2 height of the herb. (So it should go over top)
    4) let it soak on in, shake the container even but you want that alcohol to soak all ur thc up :) i let mine sit 24 hrs
    5) strain the liquid to seperate the plant matter and liquid into a new container

    6) pour the liquid in to a rice cooker on low temperature add less then a teaspoon of water. Keep stirring until alcohol has evaporated off and you are left with a hash oil :)


    6) (DO NOT DO IF YOU HAVE A FIRE IGNITING OVEN! Electric only) place the liquid in a deep tray. Place in the oven at a low temperature, leave the door open and let alcohol evaporate off.

  4. What everyone else said make qwiso with it. Oh and buy a oil rig it's worth it!
  5. I made some iso hash earlier today by cleaning my bros grinder along with mine, this is the final product I got, not smoking till tomorrow. Tell me how it looks, should It look like this? lol might help the OP too 

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