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Making hash, how do you dry your trimmings?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Quiller, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Just curious what is the best method of drying trimmings. It is not as easy as you would think. Or at least what I thought.. lol

    I put all the trimmings in a glad bag and within 4 days it was molding. The problem is I didn't think about making hash until the 4th day. Now I have the bubble bags and plan to do it on the next round.

    SO that I don't make that mistake again, how do you dry your trimmings? I trim the bud all the way while wet and dry them in trays. I am left with branches and all the trimmings.

    Would it dry properly if they were stored in paper bags?

  2. go to first post at the top and it will tell u everything from trimming to what to do with them
  3. I hope you werne't surprised that it molded. Its really not complicated. large paper bags work great, just don't seal them but large cardboard boxes work best. Don't fill it more than about 3 inches with wet trim in your box and then dig in there twice a day and turn it all up so it doesn't dry on top and rot in the middle. After its all completely dry pop it into a bag and then into the freezer!! Not everyone will tell you this, but after it is dry curing your trim as you would your buds will greatly improve your trim.
  4. You could have just spread it out evenly on some long pieces of aluminum foil.
  5. You can do this if you have 1 plant worth and unlimited room to be stetching out foil. And good luck not getting more hairs in your trim because of the all the extra area open to it.
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  6. Thanks guys, I did have a lot. 3 glad bags full. I just wasnt prepared to do it. I have taken over the trim from a friend and used paperbags, threw it in the freezer and got amazing results. Ran the same batch 3 times and kept getting 15gram balls out of it.

    New question: This stuff is hard to work with. It sticks to everything. Waxpaper, tinfoil, even plates. What is the best way to handle it and dry the water out of it?
  7. Let it cure a bit, or freezing it will make it easier to handle.
  8. Set it on about 5 layers of paper towels, then put a couple more layers on top, and press the shit out of it with the ball of your hand. All of the water will be pressed into the paper towels and the hash will peal right off and be ready to smoke.
  9. I wrap mine in a paper bag and put it in my dry box with my buds! Your trim has to breath just like your weed to dry! :smoking:

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