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Making hash from some mids laying around

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Diiablo, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. #1 Diiablo, Sep 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2009
    So I have never made hash at all, but I have an O of some mids and was wondering how much hash I would yield from an O? Since its the bud, I'd expect more yieldage than trimmings but just how much? Thanks and happy smoking, toked on some durban poison (hate weed names) :hello:
  2. durban is a real strain, as for the yield on hash, im not sure, maybe 3 grams maybe 4 idk ive never made it either. which method were you planning on using? it might help someone better qualified to answer this question.
  3. yeah i was hoping to do Hashmouf's technique, with the ISO alcohol, freezing the trichomes, and ect ect. but yeah the durban was legit, but funny name haha
  4. Hashmouf's guide is pretty complete. Yield depends on the bud though. I've never done anything more than 14 grams, but I've been wanting to do some BHO with an ounce.
  5. well its mids, and an O so I was hoping like 5+ grams from that.
  6. you aint gonna aint 5 grams. not from a o of mids
  7. 5 grams ... no way. Depends on the quality of mids. I would estimate like 3 maybe 4 tops.

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