Making hash from male marijuana plants

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  1. Hi guys,

    Planning on trying to make a tiny bit of hash hrom a male marijuana plant and wondering how mature the plant should be.
    It's growing outdoors and is getting about 12hrs 1/2 of light a day. I'm wondering if it's best to give it more time to mature or chop it now (given its a male).

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  2. Why would you bother? Male plants don't produce trichomes like females.
  3. You could always let it grow a bit more just so you have more to work with. Most of the resin in males is located in the sepals and those locations where pollen is produced. There is also a good amount of THC in the small leaves.

    Do it to it!

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  4. Because
    - sounds like a good experience to try
    - it helps to drown my sorrows of the plant being male
    - I've read threads of people getting decent results from it
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  5. Good luck. :)
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  6. Do the THC levels drop at any point?

    Also I had been using biobizz fish mix during the last 5 weeks. Any thoughts on adding a bit of top-maxx or bio-bloom to the mix to maximize whatever before I cut it down?

  7. Honestly idk as I've never grown a male out. I can't see that it would hurt any, but i wouldn't go crazy and waste my nutes on a male either.

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  9. I always made butter with my males. I think your idea is super. Go for it. I hope it is worth the effort. I know the butter has always been.

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