Making Hash From Male Cannabis, Tips?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kiddkannabid, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Growing a few plants outside some of them are bound to be male but they’re pretty big like 4-5 feet tall and i heard you could get some hash out of them even if it’s not the best quality i don’t care just wanted to hear any tips recommendations from people who have done it or know anything about it ??
  2. Making hash from a male plant
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  3. I bet you wish you'd have started with feminized seeds.
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  4. lol obviously def gonna make the invest next season but since it was my very first grow and im only 18 with very limited money i just went with some bag seeds didn't even feed it nutes or anything just planted in ground and watered
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  5. plus its not legal where i live so its hard to get feminized seeds shipped here reliably
  6. I've been ordering seeds illegally forever. I've lost a few to customs but these days there are seed companies here in the states and customs isn't involved. I understand it can be hard to toss nice looking plants because they are male but next time plant twice as many as you need so you can cull the males. Or did you do that this year but couldn't bring yourself to actually toss the males? I've had that problem.
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  7. lmaooo funny you say that cuz ya i have 4 pretty big plants like 3-4ft just starting flower that are all female but i just feel like HAVE to do something with them after spending that much time with them lol

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