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Making hash from a male plant

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by scaplen14, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. I'm only growing one plant that turned out to be a male and so everything was not in vain I'd like to at least make some decent quality iso hash with it.

    The plant is not matured yet and I just started a 12/12 light cycle about a week ago and I am planning on waiting another couple weeks before I chop it down. So, the questions are: Will a male plant grow buds like a female? How do I go about harvesting it?
  2. no it will not grow buds. but however if does have a small amount of thc. weather or not thats enough to make hash uhhhhh idk i've never tried with a male plant but fuck you might as well try. i would take everything off the plant leaves "buds" and all, strip her naked than grind it up and move it around a silk screen. than turn the kief into hash. wait no first smoke a bowl of the kief and see what it does than decide weather or not to make it into hash
  3. ps that blows its a male man sorry.
  4. nothing you can really do with it man. you can TRY to make hash with it but the THC content is so low that you will prolly only get a minor buzz or a headache
  5. my 3 month old 2 pounder turned out to be male.
    no cockfests in my garden .
  6. Males have up to 2/3 the THC of the corresponding female so yes you can make some OK qwiso or BHO hash oil from them. In males there is actually more THC in the leafy matter than in females as well, so use everything except the large fan leaves when you do it.
  7. the little leaves are going to be the best but for shits and giggles why not use all the leaves
  8. Thanks for the feedback!

    This is kind of a stupid question but how do I dry the leaves. I know for buds you trim 'em and hang them in the dark, this obviously is not the case for the leaves
  9. just cut them all off. put them in a brown paper bag and throw them in a dry cold place. i usually put them in the freezer. buy a silk screen though they work amazing for "extracting" kiefy THC from the tops of the leaves
  10. I cut down a 16" male plant and got .4 grams of iso hash from it. Not bad hash either. Way better than what my friend gave me for sure. It was just a tiny little square of hash, but it lasted a long time. Like .05 would last as long as a bowl because it lights up and just stays lit. I had pics in a thread but I'm too high to find that thread right now. :smoke:
  11. If you come across that thread you should definitely drop the link to it here! Did you use the entire plant?

    About the drying, are you saying chop it down dry it and then freeze it, or pop it into the freezer as soon as I chop it down?
  12. I dried my male by cutting everything up pretty fine with scissors (every part of the plant... except roots) and I spread it all out in pan so it would dry faster. Once it was dry I put it in a tupperware container and put that in the freezer. Looking for the link right now.
  13. Awesome man, thanks for the link!

    Glad to see someone has tried and succeeded at this rather than just toss the males.
  14. I've made oil and also smoked them. If someone is serious about breeding new strains one needs to make sure the male line is just as superior as the female line. Just as with any strain you sometimes get plants that have certain desireable characteristics that one wants to incorporate. The only way to really tell that is to let them mature.

  15. That was inspiring osg.
  16. how do you know when a male plant is mature enough for optimum harvest?
  17. What about pollen sacks did you use those too

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  18. I grew out a blue god msle once. It was outdoors and I let it stay there until frost killed it in October. I then took the whole plant and hung it for 2 weeks. Then I cut ut up and made oil with it. It turned out awesome! :)

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