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Making hash for the first time tonight

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by peacelovep0t, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Will be making hash tonight for the first time. :D

    This is the plan:

    Grind up 1.5-2 Gs and add grind and kief to jar

    Add Ice cold water to jar, enough to cover bud

    Shake for 30 minutes

    Strain through coffee filter, set filter aside

    Evaporate the collected water in a plate

    Scrape hash off of plate and roll into ball

    After the coffee filter has dried, scrape hash off of filter

    Will this work? Would it be better to use vodka instead of water? Unfortunately I'm not able to get ISO right now. So that's not an option.

    Please critique, I'm a noob at hash. :)
  2. yea, the filtered water will have no hash oil in it... its not water soluble

    If you are going to use alcohol, use everclear since you cant get iso
  3. So if I do the exact same process, except with alcohol instead of water it'll work?
  4. yea only instead of 30 minutes do 30 seconds, top.... and the shit left on the filter will not be hash, it will be plant matter and shit
  5. Okay I've got ahold of 70% ISO but its just enough to cover the bud BARELY, should I add some water so that it covers it all?

    I'll start this thing later tonight:)
  6. you should have just smoked the 2 g's shorty
  7. But... But hash... And it's about 4gs now I just picked some up
  8. No don't add water. Water is your enemy with solvent extractions
  9. Alrighty just shook it for 30 seconds and strained it through a coffee filter, the liquid is now on a flat plate with two PC fans blowing air on them. :D

    The liquid came out yellow, good?
  10. Yea yellow is good man
  11. Awesome. I'll let you know how it is after it dries.
  12. I was LOL'ing so hard reading the first post about all that water. Glad to see Sirsog chimed in before you got to work though, sounds like everything went how it was supposed to. Looking forward to see the yield.
  13. Yeah that would've been a horrible waste.

    And thanks!
  14. Not the most successful yield but it's something. Next time I will define you use 91% instead of 70. Here's what 2Gs got me. (I didn't use it all)

    Do I let the ball dry? How do I wash the plate?

    Attached Files:

  15. What do you mean let the ball dry? Is it just sticky?

    And after you scrape it all up just use a paper towel with iso on it to wipe it down
  16. Never mind I just realized that its supposed to be this and sticky. :)

    Smoke report: I dabed half the ball onto a nug and ten took 4 rips from my bong. This has got to be a top 5 high. It's so peaceful and... Full.
  17. Personally I feel like running anything less than a ho is a waste due to the disparity between product used and yield :/
  18. You're probably right. This was just an expirement though. Next time I'm gonna use alot more
  19. It depends... some times you just want to run a quarter for shorter evaporation time

  20. Use 99% iso, even better.

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