Making hash dry?

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  1. Hey in a few days college is ending for me (made it through my freshman year), and me and my friend were planning to smoke the keif in my grinder.
    I wanted to do something special so I researched how to make hash. Most invovled rubbing alchohol or vodka and heat. I dont even have an Iron. So I read that a quick way to make hash was to walk around with it in your shoe or rub it between your hands and fingures for 30 minutes. so I put it into one of my baggies and crushed it between the window and the windowsill. Now its nice and dark but it pretty much broke up when I tried to get it out of the bag 2 days later. Is this it?
    Am I missing a step or willl it just not work trying to make hash dry?
    crap I was going to take a pic but I cant find the cable to connect my phone to the comp. So I will post it when i find the cable.
  2. i know the kief at the bottom of my bubble box needs like a drop of water added before it will press. Never had trouble with grinder kief pressing. I have stopped pressing it though, since i only do small quantities (break buds up in bubble box, use bubble bags on bag stems and leaves)
  3. put all the keif in a cig cellofane fold it up, wrap it in a small piece of wet paper then wrap tinfoil around that

    next take anything metal you have that you can heat with a llighter get it warm-hot to the touch

    now press the shit out the the wrapped thing of kefi with the warm metal.

    the heat helps it stick together better and the keif wont stick to the cellofane much at all.

    how i usually do it

  4. I heard that heat is damaging and you wont get as good a high if its heated up. How is the high after you smoke that?

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